The quality of your connections far out weigh the quantity when it comes to building a personal brand online. In order to create more visibility for your brand it is important to forge relationships with the right niche and influencers.

How can your personal brand attract a targeted audience online? Through content and communication that speaks to those who will be interested in what you have to offer. With a focused approach you can grow your networks and eliminate followers who will not be brand supporters.

Today’s online world is all about building a reputation through authentic relationships that will last over time. There are several ways to attract the right fans and followers to your personal brand’s website and on social media.

Building Authentic Relationships online

Attracting the right audience for your personal brand starts with a clear focus and strategy. Use these steps to make better connections:

  • Get away from selling to your audience – More consumers are using technology such as ad blockers to get away from direct advertising. This old sales method simply doesn’t work in a time where people are looking for trusted brands to purchase from. Use your content as a tool to provide a reason for them to want to know more about your company.
  • Check out your current networks – Do an audit online to find out who your true fans are and to weed out any spam followers and referrals. Start connecting with influencers in your target market whom you can build relationships with as these people will be most likely to recommend your brand later on.
  • Be selective with social media – In order to maximize your productivity, you will need to learn which social networks your audience is engaging in the most. If you spread your efforts too thin over many different platforms you are then missing out on a more focused, and personalized approach with a select few.
  • Spread the news – Once you have made better connections and have promoted other influencers the time will come when you will have a guest writing opportunity or a shout out for one of your service or product launches. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your network to let them know what’s happening in your business — but keep in mind this can only be done after you have established trust and support for what they offer as well.

It is important for your personal brand to build authentic relationships in order to reach an Internet savvy audience who rely on appealing content and trusted reviews. By paying attention to what they need you can make better connections that will grow and produce quality recommendations.