As a personal brand your website visitors mean potential sales and brand advocates. Inbound marketing is a well known technique that can help you build more visibility online.

A well-executed marketing plan is not enough anymore in order to build a strong presence. The fact is that both social media and the state of search are constantly changing in the face of new technology and consumer behavior.

Inbound marketing includes blogging, social networking, visual marketing, etc. — think of this as your brand pulling people into your sphere of influence by being more visible and available for relationship building.

How to Connect With Your Audience

Guest blogging methods, long-form articles, and action-packed content are just a few ways to bring more interest to your brand. Here are some top uses of using inbound marketing you can start today:

  • Publish at least once a week – Make a regular commitment not only to your own brand’s blog, but also through other sources such as guest articles, videos, etc. at least once a week. You will begin to see a steady growth on Google as well as in reader interest and sharing to social media.
  • Leverage social networking – Get the word out about your content through media such as new and advanced topics that you can expand on and provide exclusive information. Send email updates with links to your platforms to a targeted segment of your readers in order to maximize your efforts.
  • SEO is still important – Despite the recent updates to Google’s algorithm your brand needs to plan ahead and optimize your content for search in order to be found by their spiders and your readers. Set aside your previous lead generation methods that had relied on search engine ranking and producing more inbound links. Focus on providing the exact information your audience is searching for instead.
  • Set up automation – Use social media marketing as a relationship building strategy and automation to help spread the word on your content, including email campaigns. Keep a balance between real-time, authentic interactions and regular communication with your Fans and followers.

As online marketing continues to evolve we need to have the awareness to become prepared for what is to come. Ultimately what builds more visibility is connecting with your audience, and reaching them where they are at as a go-to resource.