Applying Brand to Your Business Website

A brand is a symbol which represents the totality of all connection, experiences and action into an abstract idea. It is a trademark. And you have the value its importance because brands help you win customers as well as keep them.

Brands set expectations, it becomes a benchmark for people with uncertainty, since people tend to pick the safer option. If you have a genuine brand, people know what to expect from you. The following suggestions will help you build a brand within your website.

1. Color


Color is not just aesthetics, it stimulates various emotions of your audience, brings associations to various things they carry in mind. Know you color! Colors have different symbolism. Red signifies power, energy and excitement. Green symbolizes environment, money, health and nature. It is also a color that calms the eyes of the audience. Study the variety of colors and its characteristics. It could be your starting edge in the market.

2. Personality

Many people living in a commercialized society are inclined to use brands that are likely associated with them. Injecting your brand with human qualities and characteristics is a good technique to give your brand strong personality.

3. Applying sentiment

Another factor you need to consider when applying the brand to your website is to identify what kind of emotion you want to invoke. Ask these two questions to yourself: “What kind of things do I want my brand to be associated with?” and “What kind of audience do I want to get?”

4. Uniformity

This tip is essential. At first, you may want to be posting beautiful images about nature then next you start posting pictures about robot and computers. Quit confusing people! You don’t want to start

branding yourself inconsistently.

Aside from retaining a trend with your brand, start also keeping consistent colors and shape. Ensure that your web page projects a uniform image.

5. Size of the logo

Make it certain that your company logo is big enough to be the second thing that people notice when they come to visit your website. Another norm that has been practiced by brand enthusiasts is the positioning of its logo, placed on the upper left area of the page. You may also want to consider making your logo as the hyperlink to your home page.

6. Use of words

In a few words explain what you could provide to your visitor. Make it understandable and give them a reason why they should keep visiting or using your brand. Impart a clear and concise value statement. Make this statement visible, preferably located next to your website’s logo.

7. Tone of voice

I have just mentioned that the kind of words you use matters. Next would be the kind of tone you reinforce. But wait, how do you apply tone in sentences?

In this part, you have already known who your target audience is. If your brand is friendly and down to earth, then it would be best if you use a fun and informal way in relaying messages. On the other hand, if you are starting an investment company, then it would be best to use the formal way of writing.

Your tone reflects you and your brand. Choose a tone of voice that appealed to your brand’s character and audience.

8. Uniqueness

You could follow all of the above tips but only get you so far. Always remember that starting up is a challenge. It has been a pool of brilliant people just like you who wish to build a genuine brand.

Know why you need to be known and what you could offer. After that you will start to realize that you are working for something bigger. You are working on the idea of why you are exceptional among the others. Your potential clients won’t be having a hard time differentiating what you could offer between your rivals. Stand out from your competitors and in that way you will be memorable.

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