Airbnb launched their new brand image yesterday, with an entirely new look, style and logo. This has caused tremors throughout the creative world. “What does the new Airbnb logo look like?” A dog? a female sex organ? The answers are endlessly, hilariously varied.

That’s not to say, however, that we don’t love the redesign. Airbnb have matured from the cold, clunky blue text favoured by San Fran tech startups to a slick, simple and meaningful logo that in its essence represents Airbnb’s core pillars as a lifestyle brand. People, places and love. That’s not bad for an ‘A’.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 16.31.34

This all got us thinking about other great logos that truly identify with the brand (Thanks for the distraction, Twitter). At its best, a logo should identify with your brand. Who are you? What do you do? What do you represent? A simple and memorable logo will be a thousand times more valuable than an over complicated design with pictures, swirls and perhaps a cow shooting lasers from its udder. Though that would be awesome, right?


Here are five (pretty well known) logos that we think are just awesome!



Nike_Swoosh_Logo_Orange_original (1)

Forever synonymous with all things sport, fashion, athletic and cool. The Nike swoosh is probably the most famous logo in the world, which for us, as web designers is the ultimate. The best bit about it, the best known logo in the world (probably) only cost them $35! Although they did compensate designer Carolyn Davidson with 500 stocks later on.

Just Do It.




Steve Jobs, the ultimate perfectionist (other than personal idol of this writer, Jonny Wilkinson). The Apple logo we know and love (to hate) today was initially created in 1976 by designer Rob Janoff. There is a bite, or ‘byte’ taken out of the side simply to demonstrate that the fruit is infact an apple, rather than a cherry. The colours, the simplicity, like the man himself: its genius.



Google Logo 2010

Designed using the simple GIMP image editing software, free to use on Linux, Google Founder Larry Brim claimed he had no Graphic Design skills at all. The iconic behemoth of the Internet now has one of the best known logo in the world. We don’t have to tell you why, surely? Back to the same formula, simple, memorable, relevant. This whole logo design thing is easy, right. Probably wrong, but it sounded good.




The Golden Arches. They call to me even now, I see the sign and I know what to expect. Terrible food quality and great, addictive taste. That kind of association value is vital for a brand’s success and its something that McDonald’s has in spades. Amazing for just a single letter.




Designed by those well known creative types, an accountant. Back in 1887 Frank M. Robinson penned the brand name in Spencerian font which was popular at the time. Slightly more elaborate than the other logos on our list, but still totally memorable.


Clearly, we have chosen some of the largest brands in the world. Ever think that good logo design is what has propelled them to this status? There are loads of cola companies, thousands of trainer manufacturers, but none have reached the success of Coca-Cola or Nike. So, when designing your logo just remember that. Its very easy to get carried away in small details.



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