Amazon has been on a steady business-as-usual mode for quite a few weeks. The last I read or wrote of any significant Amazon news was during their interesting earnings report from mid-October. Since then, they have been relatively quiet as they prep for the holiday season.

Amazon has been competing with giants like Google and Apple on their own terms for a few years now. The company has its hands in every tech “pie” out there from tablets to cloud services. They also provide a broad range of services to large and small companies with its marketplace and other offerings.

Agencies and businesses will be pleased with the latest news from Amazon, especially considering its timing. Anyone looking for signs of Amazon continuing to improve and attract more customers will be pleased as well.

“Amazon Pages” for Everyone

According to Flash Steinbeiser for, yesterday Amazon announced “that it is offering a comprehensive web retail service, called Amazon Pages.” Amazon has already been allowing other companies and even small businesses to use its retail services for quite a few years. But there was never a great deal of customization or tracking tools available.

Now, as Flash writes, those who create their own Amazon Pages, “will also have access to Amazon Post, a social media dashboard connected to Pages and Facebook, and Amazon Analytics.” This looks like an ideal program for agencies to grow their clients’ brands. That Amazon provides the tools to integrate social media and easily track the success of the brand pages shows a sign of commitment and great understanding of the system they want to create.

Giving businesses the use and support of a brand as powerful as Amazon can be a huge boost to a company’s sales and to their own brand development. Ingrid Lunden for TechCrunch reports that the new brand pages will have custom URLs and will easily integrate with Facebook and Twitter. Ingrid writes that the Brand Pages are “more dynamic” than current marketplace pages and that “companies can include more photography, … buttons to Facebook and Twitter pages; and merchandizing widgets.”

A Great Step Forward for Amazon

Amazon is clearly taking some brilliant steps – make that leaps – in the right direction with this move. With Amazon Brand Pages, they’ve managed to integrate their very lucrative old-technology retail side of business with the newer social media and brand improvement side of content marketing. Agencies and businesses to resist will not be able to resist the power of Amazon’s brand. Nor should they if a business wants to use Amazon to sell its products online.

I can see Amazon Brand Pages becoming a huge success, not only for Amazon, but for any company that utilizes them. It’s as if they thought, “Well, we have these Amazon stores that companies have been using for a few years, how do we turbo charge them?” Man, did they ever come up with a great answer to that question.

I am totally impressed with this offering from Amazon. They’ve created a tool that builds a company’s brand, helps them sell products physically and through marketing, and connects companies to social media so they can build their web presence. Throw in their tracking tools and you’ve got a complete offering to any client or business looking for some help expanding online.

How do you see Amazon Brand Pages helping you help your clients?