Are you trying to establish your brand online? Have you created all social media profiles, your brand could benefit from? Is the online presence of your brand optimal?

There are so many questions, related with Brand Management that makes it one of the most discussed topics online. If you are just getting started with this, let me share with you the very basics:

Online brand management works pretty the same way as the offline one – you find as many relevant communities, who can be interested in your product or service and establish your brand presence there. The more communities you find, the more people will get to know your brand and start engage with it.

If you have to do all of this offline, you will have to call as many newspapers, magazines, televisions, radio stations and pretty much all kinds of media you can think of. This costs brands millions of dollars every year and it is definitely not an option if you are just getting started.

Brand Management

How Smaller Brands can Survive?

If you have just started your brand, you are not really likely to spend millions on promoting it. The best option out there for you is the internet. There are so many social networks out there, visited by millions of people daily. All of this allows small business owners to unleash all of their creativity and turn their small brands into giants. Although, many business owners think this online promotion is an expensive process, let me share some of the basics and how much they cost.

Getting Started (Free)

The most popular social networks out there are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Digg and Reddit. It will take you no more than 2 hours to create a profile page about your brand in any of these. What you will need to do is gather all the interesting information you can find about your brand and create content, which appeal to your audience. Who better than you know what your brand is about? If you have some issues doing those profile pages on your own, you can always use services like KnowEm (for starter account you will have to pay 69$) and your brand will appear on 25 of the most popular social media websites.

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Expand Your Reach (250$-600$)

Once you develop your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts, you will definitely need to expand your influence over other social networks. Here is where KnowEm comes to help. Before now I have only briefly mentioned the tool, but if you are looking to expand your social media influence you just cant miss it.

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KnowEm Basics

What makes KnowEm one of the best brand management tools available there is its flexibility. With a couple of clicks you can create up to 575 social media accounts. In addition to that, you can see what domains containing your brand are available for sale all over the world. If you are building up an international brand, this is a great strategy.

KnowEm Social Networks

As mentioned earlier, KnowEm can sign you up for 575 social networks. All of those are separated into categories which include Blogging, Bookmarking, Business, Community, Design, Entertainment, Health, Information, Microblogging, Music, News, Photo, Tech, Travel and Video. Some of the most popular social networks available in KnowEm Include:

KnowEm Social Networks

Posterous– Being one of the largest blogging networks, Posterous is a great place to promote any content you have on your website. In addition to that, it can be great for link building too. Promoting anything on posterous is really easy.

Tumblr – This website allows you to easily share multiple types of content including links, images, videos and text. Once again, the publication process is really simple – you can publish by mail and there are tons of other clients that support it.

eBay – If you are selling goods online, promoting them in the largest shopping mall in the world is definitely a good idea. With KnowEm, you will get help and create professional profile for your brand.

Foursquare – If your brand is local, there is no better way to promote it online than with Foursquare. KnowEm will allow you to quickly create optimized profile for your brand. Foursquare makes it really easy to explore new local businesses.

Travelpod – If you travel a lot and love to share about your experiences, you can definitely use KnowEm to make profile on Travelpod. This website allows you to create a free travel blog and share your experience with literally millions of users.

A complete list with the social networks supported by KnowEm click here.


As you can see from all points above, establishing your brand online doesn’t require lots of resources. Instead, you just need to dedicate part of your time and work your way out. If you already have too much issues to take care of, you can always boost your online visibility with tools like KnowEm (more information about services here)