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Executive personal branding has become a must-have. Showcasing your authenticity and skills to your peers and those who are interested in what you bring to the table will bring tangible benefits and career opportunities.

With this in mind, what should you do to build your brand and cement a solid reputation? This post provides ideas to get you started.


Personal branding is not an exercise in ego. Every claim you make must be backed up with evidence. Stating successful project delivery is great but without some kind of proof, you may come across as a bit hollow. Always backup your claims.


Every executive likes to read about how other executives approached challenges. Blog posts on the challenges you have faced or are facing make fantastic reading. You can then share these blog posts together with tips published across your social media accounts.

When you put together your blog posts discuss the challenges and how you approached them and what the result was. You will be surprised at how well you inspire people.

Talk about your day

Discussing your day on social media lets you put a human face to your updates. So if you have a meeting with a client or supply chain partner, a quick tweet or LinkedIn update helps people get to know you as an executive.

For example, “Looking forward to the meeting with [company name] representatives today and hoping to secure a good supply chain deal”, shows that you are doing your job, you’re involved, and that you have a goal you’re hoping to achieve. This gives you a good, professional, and checkable social media history. You also convey an approachable and conversational tone.

Use pictures

Where possible always put an image into your blogs and updates. People like pictures and it draws the eye in ways that text alone cannot. This can be screenshots, logos, and even selfies if appropriate. Often, partners may want to be included in the picture especially if the blog/update relates to them.

Industry news

Always share industry news and useful, helpful posts from others. This helps you build relationships by offering authentic help. This can be national press, industry specific posts, and blogs posts from people you respect.

Obviously, avoid competitors.

Publish on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is your best friend in social media terms. Always publish your blog posts on LinkedIn and concentrate on it more than other social media networks. After LinkedIn, Twitter is your new best friend.

It is a good idea to create a Facebook Page for your personal brand. You will be easier to find as a professional and keeps your professional life separate from your personal life.

Leverage LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has groups for everything including your industry. Use active LinkedIn groups to showcase your knowledge and help others. This will help build your professional network. It will, if used correctly, help you portray your authentic personal brand to your peers.

If you use targeted influence lists, join the same groups to help promote your exposure.

Remember your Updates are in the Public Domain

Any information you put out to support your brand is in the public domain. Always remember this. It is important you maintain a professional image at all times.

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