How do customers describe your company to their family and friends? Does your product just meet a need, or are they really in love with your brand? Your brand should be bigger, and more tangible than your product alone. For example, Old Spice does not merely manufacture deodorant, they also make some of the funniest commercials. Nordstrom does not merely offer a high-end clothing and accessories, they offer dedicated customer service. These brands have mastered creating a brand consumers love.

How is it possible to become better and bigger than your services and products?

Customers want to do business with a brand they trust, and it is hard to build trust in an age where we are all just bit jaded. To develop trust and brand adoration, you must create charismatic materials that show off your personality. Below are seven ideas to help you develop a brand people love.

1. Give Your Brand Personality

The leading brands in the world all have something in common: they have developed a personality or vibe. Your brand must have a solid voice in order for individuals to relate to it. What is the message you want to convey? How do you want your customers to feel? You must determine the tone of your brand and keep it consistent across all marketing channels. Serial Entrepreneur Marcus Tober from Searchmetrics suggests that to give personality to your brand you must “connect with your customer at a much higher level and establish trust.”

2. Maintain High Quality

Your customers must be able to trust you, and the way to build trust is with consistent high quality products and service. If you offer individuals high quality products every time, they are going to grow to trust you. If you let your customers down, they won’t forget, and they will tell their friends. Do not allow this to happen.

3. Make Customers Feel Unique

Customers like feeling special, they do not like feeling like just another number on your spreadsheet. Provide loyal customers little personalized extras and offer a customized service experience. This way, your customers know you are dedicated to taking care of them, not just selling them a product.

4. Develop Hype Around Products

A lot of work goes into preparing to launch a fresh product. You want to build excitement and get people talking about your product before it even launches. One way to do this is to permit individuals to pre-order new products before they go on sale. This psychological secret adds value and exclusivity to all of your products. Customers will assume your products are in high demand because they must pre-order.

5. Throw Exclusive Events & Parties

The key to building returning, loyal customers is to reward them. Develop a loyalty club and then throw parties for your best clients/customers. Event marketing is a simple method of developing deep relationships with your customers. When customers feel they are receiving exclusive access, they feel special, which helps build a strong connection.

6. Provide Special Incentives

To survive in the marketplace, you must provide your customers with special incentives. Consider ways you can make your products special. Pay attention to what the competition is doing and improve your game accordingly. Consider creating a whole new product or improving your current product line to maintain a competitive edge. Bring something new to the table gives your customers one more reason to love you. Loot is a product that I’ve used in the past for incentives.

7. Run a Photo Contest

Use third-party platform such as Shoutlet to build and publish contest empowers your brand to collect photographs and build stronger relationships with your customer base. Not only will contests allow you to build up a content library, you will also have the opportunity to interact and continue relationships with your audience.

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