Coming up with a great company name is only one of many steps necessary to create a world-class business. A great logo is a powerful way to market your company and ensure your products or services loom large in the minds of your customers. Here are some points to bear in mind when designing a corporate logo.

Keep it simple
A logo should never be cluttered or have any unnecessary extras. Keeping the design as simple as possible helps to make it more recognisable. Perhaps one of the most simple logos of all is the Nike swish – a design that works well on all forms of apparel. When it comes to logos, less is always more.

The main pitfall of simple designs is that someone else has almost always got there first. It goes without saying that a logo should be unique – not just to help fix the image in the mind of the customer but also to avoid potential legal action. Creating your own fonts is one way to ensure your logo looks like nothing else out there.

Make it timeless
Trends come and go. If you link your logo to a specific product that is superseded years later, it may start to look extremely old fashioned. Although the basic design has never changed, the Apple logo has gone through a number of changes to keep it looking fresh.

A logo for a company that produces children’s toys should have a very different feel to that of a engineering firm. Always ensure the design and colour scheme of your logo is appropriate to the intended customer base. A serious company should look serious while a children’s entertainment company should have a sense of fun.

Aesthetically pleasing
Avoid using colours that clash and make sure the design is as visually balance as possible. Typefaces should match the style of the graphics. If these precautions are not taken, a logo can end up looking as though it was created in a rush.

In today’s multi-media world, a logo needs to work across a broader range of applications and mediums than ever before. A good logo should be just as effective whether it is in colour or black and white, printed on a t shirt or on a skyskraper, the size of a fingernail or blown-up to fill a 48-sheet billboard.

Be memorable
This point is in essence a function of all those points above. A logo that is simple, clear, appropriate and timeless will almost always be memorable as well. As a logo is often the first introduction a customer has to a company, producing one that sticks in the mind is of great importance.