Branding is everything in the modern world of marketing. There are 2.1 million negative brand interactions every day, and you need to make sure you avoid them. With so many competitors, you have no choice but to deal with the fact that good branding is an exact science. The way you brand yourself differs depending on the industry, but the various pillars are the same for everyone.

If you are not meeting each of these seven tenets of branding, you are going to find yourself struggling to succeed. This guide is going to reveal the key areas of branding you have to focus on.


So many startups try to be everything to everyone. They want to solve every single problem they come across. But this dilutes the brand and it usually leads to them solving nothing. It’s better to attempt to meet the needs of an extreme niche and to do your job well than to target a broader niche and fail miserably.

You can easily expand your reach later on. Gradually target the problems of a bigger and bigger audience as you move along.


The concept of marketing disruption involves a business doing something that breaks free from convention. It can force a whole industry to change how it operates. It could be as simple as taking a complex niche and releasing a product that makes things simpler. This is great branding because you are putting yourself at the cutting edge of innovation.

Business is not just about improving on what’s already out there it’s about reinventing the entire business category for the better.

Original Expression

Making a statement is part of the narrative of branding. It’s something that a lot of businesses talk about but never actually get around to doing. Focus on doing something that makes it clear what you’re all about. This could be in the form of a brand new video series or a simple logo redesign.

It’s not about being different for the sake of it it’s about delivering an effective message in a superior way.

Delivering a Big Idea

Every entrepreneur has a big idea. The problem is they tend to compromise on these big ideas when they realize that it’s impractical at this moment to focus on it. Naturally, they never get back to it and thus they become just like everyone else. A big idea is something that should drive your business forward.

Yes, it may take years to accomplish, but your big idea is your brand. Don’t depart from it.

Be Symbolic

A symbol can say far more than a marketing slogan ever can. Businesses can have slogans, but the symbols they use in their logos and in their actions trigger emotions. They leave an impression on people, and that’s what will separate your brand from someone else’s, even if your products happen to be similar.

Your brand should be more than what people see. It should symbolize something.

Give Meaning

And that leads smoothly on to the next branding pillar. Your brand should have some sort of meaning to it. This is something that you should be questioning on a regular basis. Ask yourself why you are doing something and what point you want to prove. It shouldn’t be something that people can’t identify with.

For example, making money may be one of your goals, but it shouldn’t be the meaning of your brand. Customers identify with meanings and that’s what compels them to give you a try.


Call it layering or call it depth, your company has to be more than something superficial. People should be able to dig beneath the surface and find something of real substance. The identity of your business may fall flat from time-to-time, but the underlying substance your brand brings to the table should always be there.

The core values and the various facets of your brand will be in the thoughts of your target audience. It’s something that no other type of business can replicate because you are your brand. The layers will always differ slightly from everyone else’s, even if you happen to be selling the same products.

Last Word – Branding is Trial and Error

There are so many brands that become popular for no apparent reason. It’s difficult to explain why specific brands catch on and some don’t. But you will notice these seven pillars of branding locked in at all times. This is very much a matter of trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t.

The biggest brand lesson is to adhere to these seven tenets at all times, you will stumble upon something that resonates sooner or later. You just have to keep trying.