Masterful Moves to Adapt When Developing a Brand Strategy

The BMW brand is known around the world for elegance and power, an image the company has carefully cultivated over several decades. Just a glance at one of several things tells consumers exactly what they need to know. As a small business owner, you’re probably facing the challenges of building a brand consumers will recognize immediately. In addition, that brand must be respected, which means a misstep is not allowed. Take some tips from this giant when developing a brand strategy, and you’ll be thrilled with your results.

Simple, Striking Logo

If you saw this logo in red, green, or even purple, you’d still know the brand. Even without the BMW name, or even the famous blue and white colors, the logo is easily recognized around the world. What makes the design so striking is its simplicity. Without the bells and whistles many companies attempt with new logos, there is no confusion, no accidental association with other brands, and no forgetting.

developing a brand strategy

When designing your small business’s logo, remember these things. Sometimes less is more. Busy designs, too many colors, and images too similar to other brands all contribute to pretty useless logos.

Memorable Slogan

Who hasn’t heard of “The Ultimate Driving Machine”? With just a few words, the slogan tells everyone what to expect from the BMW brand. Even without sitting behind the wheel and pressing the accelerator, drivers everywhere know exactly what the experience would be like—and it’s such a compelling possibility that those drivers want that experience.

Your company slogan should wrap your products or service up in just a few words. Make those words as powerful as possible without getting too flowery. In many cases, your slogan is your only chance to convince a buyer to spend money on your brand.

Wise Rebranding Techniques

Chances are, you recognize a BMW on the street, no matter what year it was made or in what country. The reason for this is the company really knows how to reinvent itself and its designs without losing sight of the original vision for the company. The split grille and round headlights have long been a part of the BMW image, and that hasn’t changed over the years. Even as the car’s design adapted to new and popular trends, the company never let go of those iconic components.

developing a brand strategy

When you discover your brand must change and adapt with the times, its important to maintain at least a part of your original image. This is how your customers will recognize you after your changes, and how customers fifty years from now will still know your brand.

Clever Use of Humor

Though a symbol of elegance, BMW isn’t afraid to laugh. Clever billboard and television commercial spots show consumers the lighter side of this luxury brand and often invite other luxury car brands to play, too. Again, as with their slogan, BMW marketers work hard to provide maximum impact with the fewest possible words. Their marketing for the new 6 Series Gran Coupe, “6+4. Perfect 10,” is an excellent example of their economic and yet powerful word use.

Use of All Senses

While BMW never wanders far from the techniques that have garnered excellent results in the past, they’re also not afraid to study science and psychology for new possibilities. The latest attempt is a sound logo, which, when heard, would immediately inspire brand recognition in the listener. This sound logo, a double gong, will be featured at the end of any audible ads, such as radio and television.

Believe it or not, the brand has used sound logos before. In fact, the double gong has been a part of the BMW name for 14 years. To continue the use of the sound logo, BMW has updated to a more modern signature and couched it in beautiful orchestration. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, it’s now simply part of a beautiful song. Yet, it’s still something that is BMW’s alone.

While a sound logo may not be something you could afford to create for your brand, jingles and short melodies are. In fact, each item on this list is something you could put into effect for your company when developing a brand strategy. When you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, just look to BMW for guidance, and they’ll tell you everything you need to know.