How can you increase your brand’s visibility? This post explains.

Whether you’re a small start-up with high hopes and strategies in place, or an established and well-loved business, growing brand visibility should always be a priority.

Growing your customer base through visibility is usually the backbone of any business, as it brings in revenue and establishes a reputation that can promote the longevity of a company. Circle Research in fact, found that 77 percent of B2B marketing leaders believe strong branding and awareness is critical to the growth of a company.

So how can you increase your brand visibility? Whether it’s guerrilla marketing, traditional approaches or using the contemporary digital environment, there are a number of proven ways to get your brand name out there. Let’s take a look at some of the best methods.

1. Partner Up

By attaching yourself to another established brand, you ultimately gain access to their customer base. Therefore, try and pursue beneficial partnerships by approaching companies that already have engagement with your target market — look into what they enjoy, who they currently buy with and brands they already love and approach these businesses. You could also pursue partnerships by sponsoring events, hosting events and teaming up with charities as a way to let people know of your brand.

2. Get A Toll-Free Number

By getting a toll-free number, you’re increasing the transparency of your brand by making it very easy for new customers to contact you. People generally appreciate this from a company and will therefore you have a higher chance of making an impact. Nowadays, we not only have 411 directories but also we have online directories that can increase your visibility online even more if you have a toll-free number.

3. Start A Blog

A more modern day approach, blogging is a new way for brands to not only exhibit their expertise, but also generate great content that can be circulated online and therefore increase visibility. Try attaching a blog to your website so it’s easily accessible, and be sure to not only upload new and creative content pieces regularly, but also promote them on your social media platforms to increase traffic. Another method to gain visibility through blogging is to find guest bloggers with a large following of their own. Once they have written for you, most often they will promote their pieces and all their followers will now know of your brand.

4. Video Advertising

The online environment has an extensive reach, so as marketers it’s important to find methods that are efficient and reach the most people. Above the written word and photos, videos are usually the most common to go ‘viral,’ therefore try not only creating video content that is interesting and engaging, but get your brand attached to other videos. With YouTube being the second largest search engine, a great way to reach all their users is to advertise on their videos. When people click on viral videos, your ad will appear first and you’ll have way more people aware of your brand.

5. Street Marketing and Handouts

As a more traditional, guerrilla style approach to marketing, handing out flyers, business cards and brochures are tried and tested ways of increasing brand awareness. Modern companies like Uber are still using this method to onboard new clientele, proving it can be an effective way of getting people’s attention to new and upcoming brands. And it’s cheap! Rather than just handing out information brochures, try handing out special deals, freebies or certain prizes that makes the customer feel special and that they’ll get a benefit by engaging with your brand.

Building brand awareness can be a difficult and time-consuming task for any company, involving research and clear strategies. However, with the expansion of online advertising, companies have access to a number of digital methods to gain visibility as well as the more traditional marketing approaches. Consider the above examples and get started with increasing your brand’s visibility and overall success.