Developing a BrandBranding is a great idea, because it gives your customer’s something solid to associate your business with. Many people over think things, however, and end up believing that branding their business is a difficult, daunting task. That isn’t really the case, however. Although there is much more to it than what is explained here in this article, these five simple tips can help you to get on the right track. Best of all, they can show you just how simple branding your business can really be.

1. Remember It’s Not About What You Want Your Customers To Associate With You, But What They Already Do

One of the very first things you must do in terms of branding is to decide what you want your customers to associate your company with. This would be a product, service, or anything that really makes your company stand out amongst your competitors. It could be that you offer great customer service, speedy delivery, unique products, affordable services, etc.

It isn’t all about what you want your customers to associate you with, however, and this is where many professionals go wrong. Your goal is to find out what your customers already associate your company with, and build upon that. What are your customers saying? Listen to them! This is going to be one of the primary fundamentals for everything else you do revolving around branding.

2. Consistency Is Vital

Keeping your brand and brand story consistent is vital to your campaign’s success. If you send a wishy-washy message, no one is going to believe in you. In fact, this type of campaign could have the opposite effect you wish it to. Instead of inspiring people to trust and believe in your company, it could led them to believe you aren’t telling them the truth. As such, they’ll shy away from your store.

Just be consistent. Take notes, write an outline, and do whatever you have to so your message stays clear. If you are working with a marketing team, ensure they fully understand what your brand is all about, and what your brand story is trying to relay.

3. Be Unique & Think Outside of The Box

No one likes to see the same thing re-used and re-vamped a thousand times over. Whether it be your logo, tag line, or advertising, thinking outside of the box is the best thing you can do. When you show your customers that you put effort into being unique, they are more likely to remember you.

Ready to ensure your idea is unique? Make a list of all the ideas you have. Then go see if someone else has already used that idea. If they have, scratch it off the list. If you’re left with nothing after you go through this, head back to the drawing board to figure out something new. Do this enough times and you are sure to come up with some amazing, one-of-a-kind ideas which will set your company well apart from the competition.

4. Simple Logos, Tag Lines, & Business Names Are Best

While you always want to be unique, simple is always better. You see, complex items are more difficult for your customers to remember, while simple items are much easier. Names and tag lines should be kept short and easy to pronounce. If you are unsure, ask an outsider to pronounce it. If they can, great! If they can’t, choose something else.

Logos should also be simple. A good way to do this is to make good use of white space. In other words, utilize the space around your business name or main picture to make a statement. Avoid neon colors, which can strain the eyes, and any ‘clutter’ in your logo.
5. Use Your Content To Create A Company Voice

Your company’s voice is a very big part of your brand. You should use your content to express this. Is your site upscale, laid back, a little bit crazy? Are you personal, practical, or daring? Is your business young and fresh, or old and wise? Think about these things long and hard. Take notes on what you believe best represents your company’s voice so it stays consistent. Use your content to relay this voice to your customers.

Branding your business is not as difficult or daunting as many people have been led to believe. By simply utilizing the above simple tips, you can be well on your way to effectively branding your business.