Campaigns don’t have to (and will not) always work for the same reasons. That said, here are five takeaways from our collaboration with Snoop Dogg to create Pocket Like It’s Hot that may help you. If you aren’t familiar with the campaign, we worked with Hot Pockets brand sandwiches to parody Snoop’s hit Drop It Like It’s Hot, and the early results have been great.

1. Simple Message Pocket Like It’s Hot ladders directly to the Hot Pockets platform: Irresistibly Hot. To communicate the platform through the song, we simply focused on making a hot (saunas, flame throwers, attractive dancers, etc.) and irresistible (pepperoni rain, food-descriptive lyrics, tasty product shots, etc) music video. It’s three-plus minutes of one message – Hot Pockets are irresistibly hot.

2. WTF? Factor – “Wait, Snoop rewrote his own song for Hot Pockets?” We saw this headline again and again as the video went from one media outlet to the next. We knew the sheer unexpected nature of this piece would help the campaign, so we leaned into it. We really pushed the over-the-top visuals references, but kept doing it with a straight face, even when an oversized Herbie Hot Pockets took the center stage. People share links and click on links for a variety of reasons – the “WTF? Factor” is certainly one of them.

3. Celebrity and Product Connect – Is it important that the endorser uses the product? We think so. Snoop fit the demographic – he eats Hot Pockets, and so do his followers. It seems obvious, but the right celebrity can really make or break a campaign.  Authenticity, even if it’s comical, is the best thing to aim for.

4. Multiple Entry Points – We leveraged multiple personalities and channels to bring consumers to the campaign. We paired Snoop with DeStorm Power, who has 1 million fans right on the medium where we’re hosting the content – YouTube. We brought in comedian Andy Milonakis and his audience, and also partnered with the WWE, running a WWE-specific promotion at live events, and used WWE wrestler Brodus Clay for a cameo in the video.  We also released a follow up video with Judah Friedlander a few weeks after the launch of the campaign to keep the conversation going.  We know from monitoring the comments that many viewers came to the video just to see one member of our ensemble.

5. Targeted Humor – Hot Pockets has a good sense of what entertains its target demo and what doesn’t.  Pocket Like It’s Hot is funny, irreverent, and right up their alley. It also fits the brand because Hot Pockets doesn’t take itself too seriously. A few questions you may want to ask yourself, and your marketing teams:  What’s your brand voice? Is it coming through in every campaign? Are you taking the right risks to break through to your target audience and deliver genuine, authentic content that they want to watch?

In summary, Pocket Like It’s Hot works because it knows what it’s saying, who it’s talking to, and where and how to talk to them. While every campaign is different, the tenets of connecting with an audience doesn’t change.  Find your brand’s voice, be true to it, and you’ll be in a good place.