Are you running a small business? Are you wondering whether investment in a custom designed logo is a wise option? If your answers to both the questions are YES, then you are not wasting your time reading this. I do realize that you are on a limited budget and it may seem that spending money on custom logo design is not essential. However, that is not the case!

For every business it is very important to make its own identity. For this you have to satisfy for your marketing needs, even though you are a conservative spender it is important to set a budget (even if it is a small one) for a custom logo design and promotions.

A logo symbolizes your business and is necessary to differentiate you from your competitors. We have all heard how important first impressions are and a well-designed company’s logo gives a positive first impression.

I am going to highlight some reasons to emphasize the importance of a custom logo design

1. Branding


When you give your brand a name, you give it identity. Now this identity needs an image, a face to go along with it, which is why you need a logo. Like big businesses, small ones need to understand the importance of branding their products/services.

“The logo (ideogram), is the image embodying an organization” (Source: Wikipedia).

You need to catch the viewer’s immediate recognition and in order to do that you need a custom designed logo which is both unique and illustrative.

2. Professional Look


Even if you are a small business that doesn’t mean you can’t look pull off the professional look. A feeling of trust and integrity is conveyed through a logo which is professionally designed. A person tends to associate with a company which comes off as a professional rather than an unprofessional one.

3. Emotional Response

A custom logo design should be created to communicate with your consumers. Logos have been known to evoke emotional responses from consumers. Take this point in a positive manner. Look at these two logos:


Both these logos are of veterinarian services but the second one excludes more warmth and sends a message of care. A custom logo design for a small business can give its advantage over more successful big businesses by bringing up a positive emotional response among consumers. You have to be very focused on what emotions your logo design stirs among your consumers. For this purpose, the way you test market your product, you can test your logo among a group of potential consumers.

4. Promotion


A custom logo design has to be showcased everywhere online and has to be printed on promotional items. Your logo can reach places where you can’t go yourself. The logo has to be designed in a way so there are no color, size and shape issues when it has to be printed on your business card and promotional items.

5.  Conveys Thoughts


You have a message to send to you consumers? Then the answer is in a custom logo design which conveys your message and thoughts to your consumers. People are not aware of the effect logos have on our minds. An effective logo design sends the desired message to your consumers and impacts their shopping choices considerably.

I hope you are convinced now why your business needs a custom logo design. There is an array of options to choose from to get a custom logo design. You can employ services of a graphic designer or can even make your own logo design thanks to a variety of logo makers available online such.