1. Defining a brand personality.

Brand personality is what connects you emotionally with your prospects and customers.
Brands without personalities are just plain boring.
So, define the voice, tone, and style to speak to your customers at a deeper level.

2. Getting consistent customer insights.

Be part of the social networks, groups, and communities where your customers hang out online, and host recurring online events/podcasts/live Q&As.

Engaging with them this way will provide you with a ton of value, as you’ll learn from their questions, feedback, comments, and what they share.

And so, this stream of customer insights will help you gain a deeper understanding of what resonates with them and can give you an edge over your competitors.

3. Creating exclusive content and distributing it in the dark social.

Create content people can’t consume elsewhere (like data-backed reports) and distribute where they spend time online to position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Distributing your content in social awareness channels requires you to create content that people actually want to consume. Simply put, create customer-centric content.
And if it’s good enough, it’ll be shared in communities, Slack channels, through word of mouth, and more.

4. Taking a stand.

In 2022, brands can no longer stand on the sidelines and turn a blind eye. You have to take a stand about social/moral issues, and when done right, you can influence how people think. But you have to be authentic and do this responsibly, without coming across as performative or opportunistic.

5. Putting a face behind your brand.

Getting your CEO/founder/exec active on social can position them as experts/thought leaders. By putting their faces behind your brand, you’ll make it more approachable and authentic, and their content will be associated with it.

^^ Building a strong brand for sustainable growth is not an option.

What else would you add?