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It’s easy for branding to get lost in the sea of marketing tactics and techniques you need to implement for your business. With so much stock placed on trendy tactics, people forget the essentials of building a memorable brand.

In truth, brand magnetism is arguably the most powerful tactic you can implement on your site. By turning your business into a household name, people will recognize what you business is all about. It is the byproduct of a great marketing strategy composed of white hat SEO, social media marketing, and a killer content creation process. Ultimately, you don’t want to market to your audience constantly. You want your audience to come to you for your product and services. Brand magnetism brings this to the table.

Below are ways on how you can develop brand magnetism for your business:

The 5 tenets of brand magnetism

1. Speak with a voice that resonates with your audience

Developing a consistent voice across all online platforms allows you to deliver the same message all the way. Part of what makes a consistent brand voice is how much you know about your audience. Therefore, building a customer avatar helps identify the people you want as your audience or customers. You will also learn their hopes, dreams, and what ticks them. Using this personalized information will let you craft a brand voice you need to implement on your website, social media, and customer support.

To help you craft your customer avatar, download and fill out this buyer persona worksheet. It provides all the data you need to know about your intended audience and build your voice from there.

2. Control how you want your audience to see you

Optics is important in marketing. How your audience sees you will determine the success of your brand (or lack of it). Therefore, you need to control the narrative about your brand. You can start by creating content that your audience will love. Use the buyer persona to find blog post ideas you can write and publish on your site. Refer to their problems, issues, and concerns and create content that answer those.

There are also uncontrolled variables you need to tame online. You cannot contain the sentiments people and customers have about your brand. They will let the public know the please (or displeasure) they have for your business. Since you have no say on what people will say regarding your brand, you can still act upon them appropriately and as swift as possible. Using social listening tools allow you to collect mentions about your brand and determine the respond you must provide for each.

Regarding negative reviews, you need to take everything in stride. Learn from your mistakes, listen to the other side, and solve the issue. Letting your emotions get the best of you can make things worse.

3. Stick to your core values

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Imagine yourself handing out blank business cards to people in the room. That’s what a brand without values is doing.

Always refer to your well-defined brand values. Establishing your identity as a brand amidst others is important if you want to cut through the noise and get in touch with your audience more effectively. Brands like Zappos could differentiate themselves from other eCommerce sites with their brand values. Letting these values bleed from every corner of your business allows you to run a tight ship with a clear message in mind.

For bigger brands with lots of employees, it’s easy for them to lose sight of the bigger picture. And with so many hands in the proverbial pie, some can easily miss the message your brand is trying to impart to people. One way to solve this issue is by setting up an employee advocacy program for your company. By leveraging the power of social media and getting all employees on board with your brand initiative, you inform more people (your employees included) about your brand values.

4. Be visible

Ubiquity is hard to achieve especially in a crowded market. But you can sure damn try your best at least

While lots of brands are engaging in SEO, it shouldn’t stop you from doing the same. Social media can only get you far. By leveraging on people who look for information using search engines, you can generate traffic from this channel if you play your cards right.

As mentioned earlier, implementing a white hat SEO strategy will help generate sustainable traffic from Google and Bing. You need to find the right keywords and optimize your site not just for search engines but also for people who will use your site. Finally, creating content that leaves a mark to the audience is a necessity if you want more people to find you.

When done correctly, your SEO campaign will help push your site to the top of search results for your keyword. Keep in mind that the first three results for a search phrase generates half of clicks from users. Historically, the first result garners 30% of all clicks while the next two generates between 9-13%).

5. Create value

Finally, you cannot make brand magnetism happen if you don’t provide value to people in different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s taking your content to the limit or letting your customer support go beyond the call of duty, you must make your audience feel special when interacting with them. You need to make them realize that they need your brand in their lives. And you need to show it in a way that falls in line with your brand values.

Are you ready to build brand magnetism?

Brand magnetism is something that only a handful of brands have achieved in a lifetime. Let’s be real here – it will be an uphill battle if you want to be in company of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and others as far as brand magnetism is concerned. However, if you don’t strive for greatness with your business, then you will fail and nobody wants that. By following the tips above on how to build brand magnetism, you already are on the right path.