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The present increase in the number of brands taking to live streaming is an undisputable fact that it is trending. With a surge in the number of live videos that people are using for different purposes today, it is easy to understand the rationale behind the increasing interest in live streaming.

It is estimated that pre-recorded video is growing at the rate of 34% while live streaming is growing at the rate of 42%. This is a clear indication that live streaming is growing faster than pre-recorded video. That is one of the reasons why more online entrepreneurs and marketers are turning their attention to live streaming as an effective tool for building a formidable and lucrative brand as can be seen being adopted by Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.

If you don’t want to be left behind in the business world, learn how to incorporate live streaming into your marketing strategy. If you are in doubt of how to make impressive live streams that your audience will find appealing, use these simple expert tips:

  1. Be professional

While live streaming, you represent your brand. How you portray yourself will be a reflection of your brand. At least, that is the impression your target audience will form about you. To avoid leaving the wrong impression, make it a priority to be professional during the live streaming.

According to Matt Sweetwood, a guest writer for, you can display your professionalism while you are live on video by ensuring that you dress properly and modestly as befitting a professional. You must also adopt the proper posture without swaying from side to side.

He also recommends that you look directly into the camera and display your knowledge of the subject or your brand during the live streaming without making an unnecessary repetition during your live performance.

  1. Identify your goal

You don’t go into live streaming just because of the hype surrounding it or to have a sense of belonging to the live video community. If that is your motive, you are bound to make a mess of the job.

Before you include live videos in your marketing strategy, it is advisable that you define your goal. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with the live stream. Consider the potential impact you want to make it have on your brand. Do you want to sell products or market some services? Is your goal to create awareness about the potential impact of your product on the lifestyle of your consumers?

It is important that you come to a conclusion about what you really want to achieve with your live stream. When you have a definite goal in mind, you will find it easy to tailor your live videos to align with your goal.

  1. Be yourself

Your audience will find it easy to trust you if your brand doesn’t make any attempt to imitate something it is not. That is how to draw more customers or clients and gradually build your brand.

While on a live stream, do all you can to resist the pressure to be want you are not. Don’t give your audience a false impression about your brand. That may raise false impression that will come back to haunt you if your audience finally unmask your hypocrisy. The bottom line is that you must be authentic.

  1. Test everything repeatedly

Testing everything before you go live is a good way to avert disaster when live streaming. Many experts frown at the idea of walking into your location and going live without testing your equipment beforehand.

The useful tip of Andrew Haley, Wirecast’s Product & Live Streaming Evangelist “Live streaming tips from 7 top industry experts” will always help you understand what you need to do whenever you want to live stream. The live streaming expert said: “Don’t assume you’ll just walk in an hour before an event and setup your microphones, cameras, your internet connection, outbound destinations, titles and content and everything will work perfectly — especially if you’ve never streamed from that location before.”

He is not alone here. In the same article, Tom Sinclair, CEO of Eastern Shore Broadcasting highlights the importance of live streaming. According to this live streaming guru, testing your equipment well before you go live may increase your knowledge as you may learn something great during the process. You may equally realize what won’t work well and avoid it.

In the long run, when you take your time to test your speech, equipment, and everything else, you will become mentally prepared for the live show. That will improve your self-confidence and help you come up with a performance that will wow your audience.

  1. Say no to tight script

Planning your live stream in advance and testing every piece of equipment and your content before going live are some ways you can be assured of having a hitch-free performance. Nevertheless, that doesn’t justify having a well-written script that leaves no room for innovation and creativity.

An anonymous expert who wrote for foxhousemedia on how to successfully use live streaming for marketing suggested that you should include practical tactics that will increase your audience engagement and give room for your audience input. You will benefit from their input more than giving them a well-delivered performance with no room for audience interaction and input.

The tips discussed in this article have been tested by experts in the industry and found to be practical and useful. Over the years, CNN News has built an impressive followership through their live streaming practice.

When building your brand with live streaming as a tool, remember to apply all these tips. That will speed up your brand growth.