Personal branding can be an organic process that often just needs to be monitored. By monitoring your personal brand, you encourage the flow of positive information and stem the flow of any potentially damaging information. While building a successful, interesting personal brand can take time and effort, I’m willing to bet that you’re already doing quite a few things that can positively affect it.

So what are these things, and how can you do them if you aren’t already? Here’s a list:

Keeping Your Privacy Settings Updated

While you may have just set or updated your privacy settings for social networks like Facebook and Twitter, they still may not be exactly how they should be. Social networks are notorious for changing their privacy policies and settings pretty much as often as humanly possible. Keeping on top of your privacy settings will let you rest assured that people who follow you are only seeing what you choose to put out there.

Take Control of Your Online Identity

Only you can manage how your personal brand looks. In addition to making sure only information that you put forth is seen by others, you can also create lots of original content to bolster your personal brand. You can accomplish this by starting your own blog or website, or if you already have one, try to update it with relevant information as often as possible.

Be Consistent in Your Brand/Message

Most of us are a conundrum – believing in some things that conflict with our morals, values, or ethics. While it’s great to show all of your strengths, just make sure that your brand is consistent. For example, posting opposing political opinions or conflicting news articles can be put a confusing spin on your personal brand.

Find Ways to Highlight Your Personal Brand Every Day

Once you have decided what the scope of your personal brand is, work on building it every day. You can do this several ways. One good thing to do is to seek out other people and companies that share a similar philosophy. Make a point to reach out to a prescribed number of people or brands each week. Another way that you can build your brand is by sharing relevant content everywhere that you have a presence. This can include your personal blog, website, or social networking pages. You can also share your content on places like LinkedIn, where other professionals are more likely to see it.

Be Truthful in Your Interactions

People can often sniff out a disingenuous reply from a mile away. Instead of being overly complimentary, pick and choose what you comment on so that your replies are coming from a genuine place rather than one that feels like an obligation. This is good advice in your personal life as well as in building your brand – becoming someone that people can trust is an integral part of being successful.

Overall, you may be doing some or all of these things already. But if you’re not, now is the time to add them to your repertoire.

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