We love Vine! In an earlier blog we discussed how Vine and Instagram Video have been duking it out for dominance. Having decided to work with Vine on our own event marketing campaign, we thought it would be fun to share some great examples of how the short video mobile app has given brands another way to get creative on social media.

Creating an interesting message, increasing engagement, and building brand equity is a tall task to take on in only 6 seconds but there are several brands that are making it look easy. The days of spending a large amount of money on your marketing budget on advertising are over. Vine gives brands the opportunity to share their message at virtually no cost. Some videos defy physics, some are mesmerizing, and some will just make you laugh but they all serve a purpose. We have identified five brands that are using Vine in creative, fun, and innovative ways.


America’s favorite cookie has also been at the forefront of social trends and has quickly become one of the most active brands on Vine. From instructional videos on clever ways to use Oreos, to a jingle and flash mob Vine campaign in support of a new flavor. Their videos encourage social sharing thanks to their culturally relevant and product focused videos.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone does an excellent job creating excitement around the unveiling of their monthly cover with their use of Vine. First they tease their magazine cover with a preview Vine, asking followers to guess which celebrity is featured there. Then a similar video is produced, only this time revealing the cover which gives the users who engaged a reason to come back.

Best Buy

Back to school time is a huge for the retail industry. To set themselves apart from other technology retailers Best Buy created a campaign targeted at college students using Vine to show 6-second “life hacks” (anything that solves an everyday problem in a clever or non-obvious way1)specifically tailored to college students. There aren’t any products shown in the video but it plays up the theme of Best Buy’s campaign of being the best source for college tech products in a creative way.

Malibu Rum

Malibu Rum makes you want to party on the beach no matter what the season. Way back in February, around the time of the Super Bowl Malibu Rum shot a football themed Vine video. Stocking up for the “big game” includes picking up a bottle of Malibu Rum. In 6 seconds, the product is shown prominently and stays on point with the football theme. This is a great example of how a brand can be culturally relevant and showcasing the product together, which makes for a more shareable piece of social content.


We have just started using Vine but are really enjoying the challenge it presents in creating relevant, 6-second stories that are shareable and drive traffic. We’re currently using Vine videos to promote our SMACdown event at FutureM in Boston. Check out our videos and let us know what you think. Also, If you’re in the Boston area, Register in our SMACdown challenge contest to win free tickets to FutureM and an upcoming Red Sox game, and be sure to follow us for all the updates leading up to the event.

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