It’s hard to find a regular Internet user who doesn’t use social media. As it seems today, social media have become the essence of Internet. People utilize those networks for various reasons, from hanging out with their friends and learning, to promoting their brands. Since we’ve already entered 2017, it’s vital to spot and adopt the most important brand-shaping strategies that will dominate social media this year.


Storytelling visuals

The times when storytelling referred only to telling stories orally are long gone. Today, this practice is made up of many different features. Thanks to the omnipresence of various online channels, brands can tell their stories in dozens of ways. For instance, you can create short texts about your business and post them to your social media pages. Apart from that, taking photos or making videos of your office routine and special business missions is a sort of visual storytelling that could also raise public interest in your brand. Services like Facebook Live, YouTube and Instagram Stories can help you reach various audiences through futuristic storytelling and attract them to your business.

Higher level of personalization

Tracking and analyzing users’ habits is only the beginning of an entirely personalized social media environment. Masterminds behind social media already collect every single bit of information they can, in order to target their users as accurately as possible. You might have noticed that Facebook sometimes suggests you posts about the topics you’ve been thinking about during that very day. They only followed your searches and gathered enough data to target your interest at that moment. As a result of those advanced features, social media users will be able to limit the content they want to see, so as not to waste time on irrelevant things. Therefore, business owners should follow suit and start targeting as limited an audience as possible.


The growing power of Instagram

According to data presented by Business Insider, 90% of Instagram users in 2014 were people under the age of 35. What started as fun-only photo hub is rapidly turning into a powerful branding medium. Such a striking transformation of this social network is the result of the age of its users. Millennials have short attention span and they bring their decisions on the spur of the moment. Since Instagram has adapted their content to the millennial mindset, business owners should use the benefits of this social medium and connect with their potential customers and followers in no time.

Integrated online presence

It’s imperative for entrepreneurs to apply a holistic approach to their online promotion. Boosting your brand through social media should be only one part of a broader plan. So, in 2017 you should work hard on integrating your online features into a functional unit. In line with that, don’t underestimate the value of your website. After all, it’s still the central part of your online presence. This is why it should retain as many visitors as possible. To achieve that objective, you should keep publishing innovative content from your website on social media. Every click is sacred and valuable for your branding efforts, so make sure your social media profiles and your website work as a single unit.

Apart from that, clever entrepreneurs will consider going for a mobile app. The mobile market is brimming with new smartphone users, so it’s necessary to offer them your content through new channels.


Business owners as brand embodiments

What entrepreneurs should try to do in 2017 is use social media to build their personal brand. First of all, you should emphasize your business accomplishments and share them in social media. Here’s where launching and building personal profiles across different media will come in handy. Getting in touch with successful people from your niche is another practical way of boosting your personal brand. Additionally, working with influencers should also contribute to an improved public image. When you make people associate your personal brand with your business brand, you’ll address them on a personal level. Creating an emotional connection is the ultimate goal of every marketing effort, which is why personal branding plays such an important role in modern branding.

Social media offer a plethora of different brand-shaping options. Since those online channels are widespread solutions, they’re the easiest way to reach a large number of people. Nevertheless, business owners might find it difficult to identify the right ones for their needs. The strategies presented in the previous five paragraphs will help you set your direction and turn your business into a respectable brand.