Improve Your Business Reputation with These 4 Resources

4 Tools to Help Build a Better Business ReputationHappy Labor Day! Today I have some resources to help you build a great business reputation in your industry. Here’s four links with tips and tricks to kick start your Monday.

Building authority both online and offline is not difficult with the right focus and resources. As you engage with your customers on social media and make influencer connections you can create a trusted brand. There are several strategies you can use to create more awareness and trust. Would you like to improve your business reputation? Take advantage of these top tools, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Find out what your customers have to say – Trustpilot

Discover the latest comments and feedback that can affect your business. Trustpilot allows customers to leave reviews based on the website URL or company name. The website is a must-view for building a brand reputation with insights into consumer behavior, traffic analytics, and improvements that can be made to your products or services.


2) Increase your brand reach – Bazaarvoice

If you would like reach more prospects through multiple online channels, but don’t have the time to manage each one then this tool will help you get there quickly. Bazaarvoice provides detailed insights on influential user-generated content as well as an advertising feature with customer reviews that your business can comment on. Improve your online relationships while giving your brand’s performance and sales a boost.


3) Share social media content better – TinyTorch

After doing your research into your target market you need to be engaging on the networks where they are. With TinyTorch you can find, create, organize, and share social media tweets and posts all from one place. Get started for free and schedule and share to Facebook and Twitter with an easy to use dashboard.


4) Get five-star reviews – Reputation Loop™

Would you like to quickly obtain customer feedback? Reputation Loop™ is a simple tool to use that provides surveys to your customers that will help increase reviews on your business. Easily gain feedback without the added effort and hassle of reminding your buyers to make a comment. Simply add your customers to the database and watch your reviews grow.


Hopefully you will find these business reputation management tools useful to your branding strategy and sales. Are there any that you would like to add as well?