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Personal executive branding continues to evolve. What was in vogue in 2016 is becoming outmoded in 2018. Executive branding has become a lot more personal to you and the reputation are you are trying to project. Gone are stuffy formalities.

This post explores personal branding in 2018 and provides tips to help you define your own personal executive brand.


If you have defined your personal brand in 2015 the chances are the language you used was very formal. You would have used words like “motivated” and “self-starter.” In 2018 the language is more about you as a person so you have a bit more creative freedom to bring your executive brand to life. It all depends on what kind of image you want to portray.

So if you want to present formal professionalism, then it’s a good idea to stick to “motivated”, and “self-starter.” It is fine, now, however, to use less formal language to bring your brand to life. “After graduating in management accountancy I learned the ropes in the tech industry helping start-ups expand and grow.”


Today’s thinking on executive branding puts a strong emphasis on bringing your voice alive. Yes, you have lots of experience and have no doubt plenty of successes under your belt. Hiding your experience and successes behind a wall of formal speak, however, can be argued to be off-putting. Whatever way you want to spin it, somebody who has taken an interest in your career will not get to know the person behind the LinkedIn profile or the blogs if your voice is lost informality.

Using your own voice, which is really writing as you speak, you will give your output and updates character. Not everyone will necessarily take to you but there will be plenty that will. Obviously, you don’t want to write anything inflammatory.

The more memorable bloggers are known for their voice and have been for years.


The better brands become more memorable if you write about your speciality. So if you help start-ups in some capacity you can write about it. If your experience is working with the world’s biggest corporations, or local government, the same applies. Writing through the specialist lens gives you the platform to talk about issues outsiders will not have experienced and how you overcame them. This is not only interesting reading but gives you an opportunity to position yourself as an authority in your field.

Tell your Story when Branding

Everyone has a story and telling yours is important. Your contemporaries will emphasize, recruitment managers and headhunters will be engaged, and you will probably enjoy writing in this style and feel a bit freer.

As you write you will be showcasing your achievements and your insights and this is an important part of successful personal branding.