Making a Real Connection with Your Brand’s Story

brand buildingIn the modern world of marketing, connecting with your audience, especially through social media and content creation, is a vital part of success. No matter your industry, your angle or your particular expertise, finding ways to emotionally connect with your audience and followers will make a world of difference when it comes to attracting customers and gaining a loyal following.

Your brand story can either bolster your attempts at an emotional connection with your audience or put the attempted connection on ice; it all comes down to how you relate, communicate and build that story. If you’re interested in creating an emotionally powerful brand story, but are unsure of the exact process, take a look at our list of tips below.

Know Your Brand, Inside and Out

Many company owners approach their brand story with a sort of stale remove, focusing only on the financial or production aspects of what their product or service entails. When it comes to communicating with the actual human audience to which your brand is exposed, you must stop thinking in terms of figures and output and start thinking in terms of storyline.

Take a thorough look back at the history of your company, making note of some of the highlights in the company’s journey towards fruition. What were some seminal moments? What was the atmosphere of the industry like when your company took off? Was there a series of lucky breaks that helped rocket you into existence? Think about your company’s particular storyline, and then focus on building around that storyline to create something with a plot, characters, incidents, trials and an ultimate outcome.

Build Characters that People Root For

In every great story, there is a character that really seems to connect to the audience. It doesn’t have to be a main character; it can be a minor character that plays an important part in the overall scheme or just a passerby whose personality, ideas or role in the story makes an impact on the audience.

It’s important to find the qualities of the characters in your brand’s story that will really resonate with your audience. Helping your audience associate your brand with the human beings who helped create it is the easiest path to a loyal emotional connection and a stronger following.

See Your Story as a Story

Another challenge that many numbers-and-facts minded company owners face when building a brand story is the importance of erecting an actual story arc. When you think about the history of each company in the public eye, something transpired in that history to propel the company into existence. The dreams and hard work of a family, a generous benefactor who saw the potential, a fantastic first employee who, through innovation and diligence, concocted a fabulous business plan, these are all fabulous places to start when building a story arc.

You must also remember that a story shouldn’t be given away in the first breath. Your audience will want to take a journey with your brand, one that has a beginning, middle, and resolution. Understand the art of creating suspense; suspense is closely tied to the emotions and the more artfully done your story’s suspense is, the more satisfying its resolution for your audience. You don’t have to be a world-class fiction writer to know how to spin a solid yarn from your brand’s history and the characters involved in its formation.

Tie Your Story Into a Brand Motto

At the end of the day, the way that your brand’s story relates to your audience lies in how your company came to provide them with the product or service they enjoy. By showing them the genesis of your company’s dedication to quality ingredients, happy employees, superior customer service or innovation, you help them understand how your standards of business came to be, and you reiterate your dedication to maintaining those standards.

By creating a stimulating and emotionally powerful brand story, you help your brand become personified and real for your audience, both of which establish trust, rapport and relevance. However you tell your story, remember the value of appealing to the people who care about your product or service. Provide them with a story to which they can relate, one which will help them understand why they continue to love and support your brand.

photo credit: UNE Photos via photopin cc