uberVU’s conversation maps can provide brands with helpful insights by identifying hot topics amongst their audience. As you know, we like to find any odd words on the maps to see if there are any fun (and hopefully funny) insights behind them.

Mountain Dew
Odd Man Out: Baby

“Diet mountain dew, baby, New York City. Never was there ever a girl so pretty. Diet mountain Dew, baby, New York City. Can we get it now, low down and gritty?” This is an actual song (seriously) and people love to quote it on Twitter (because it’s just.so.deep). Seems like singer Lana del Rey has a real thing for Mountain Dew. And New York City. And rhyming.

Odd Man Out: Gatorade Alcohol

No, Gatorade didn’t just come out with an alcoholic beverage. But that does seems like a product the social web would welcome. People are talking about mixing Gatorade with alcohol, about how Gatorade is their alcohol, and our personal favorite, rationalizing that mixing the two is good for you since Gatorade hydrates and alcohol dehydrates. Science—totally winning on the internet.

United Airlines
Odd Man Out: toilet paper

United Airlines was recently voted the worst airline in the U.S. And things aren’t looking up for the airline, as proven by the odd man out on the airline’s conversation map. A recent United Airlines flight from San Francisco to London—that’s a 10-hour flight—ran out of toilet paper. The airline improvised and stocked bathrooms with branded napkins. So all the passengers had was the airline’s logo. We’re thinking they had some fun with that.

Odd Man Out: panda

Snapple’s latest giveaway is gaining a lot of traction, being talked about and retweeted enough to show up on the brand’s conversation map. No, it’s not a trip to a zoo to see giant pandas. It’s a toy panda. And people are pretty stoked it. People love free stuff—all free stuff.

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