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uberVU’s conversation maps can provide brands with helpful insights by identifying hot topics amongst their audience. As you know, we like to find any odd words on the maps to see if there are any fun (and hopefully funny) insights behind them. So as part of Travel & Hospitality week we took a look at the conversation maps for some of the top brands in the industry to see what we could find.

Holiday Inn
Odd Men Out: Obama, Keith Moon

While on the road, President Obama stopped in Auburn, New York and the small town was quite excited about it. The local newspaper sent its entire staff of 12 to cover the president’s visit, which included a night at the local Holiday Inn and a workout at the YMCA. While not exactly the most newsworthy itinerary, the paper and the residents were still buzzing online, landing the president on the hotel’s map.

Late drummer, Keith Moon, also made the Holiday Inn map but for one very different reason. August 20, 2013 would have been his 67th birthday and to celebrate people were remembering his craziest moments. On his 21st birthday, Moon celebrated a bit too hard (speculation of course) and drove a limo into a Holiday Inn pool in Flint, Michigan. The stunt caused him and his band to be banned from the town and all Holiday Inn hotels.


Odd Man Out: Muslim

Aditya Mukerjee was recently scheduled to fly on a JetBlue flight from New York to Los Angeles, when he was detained by security for four hours before being released. However, he was still not allowed to board his JetBlue flight. A decision he claims was made due to the airline thinking he was Muslim (he’s actually Hindu). Mukerjee wrote about his experience in a blog post titled “Don’t Fly During Ramadan” that has gone viral—and it’s not looking good for JetBlue. Perhaps the airline should read our tips on how to manage crises effectively in our Travel & Hospitality Cheat Sheet for Crisis Management.


Odd Men Out: Expedia, Marketing Agreement

While it’s not all that unusual for a competitor’s name to show up on a brand’s map, the fact that Expedia showed up first and twice on Travelocity’s map made us dig into the cause. Turns out the two websites are playing nice and have announced a partnership and strategic “marketing agreement” (also on the map) where Expedia will build new websites for Travelocity with access to Expedia’s technology and customer services. What do you think the gnome has to say about this?


Spirit Airlines
Odd Man Out: Carlos Danger

Was Anthony Weiner spotted on a Spirit Airlines flight? No, but the brand is definitely having some fun with his alter ego, Carlos Danger. After Weiner’s latest scandal broke the airline sent an email to customers advertising a special called “Carlos Danger: The Weiner Rises Again,” which was a $24-off coupon to flights to Cancun or Los Cabos, Mexico. We’re pretty sure it wasn’t the whopping discount that got social buzzing enough to land Carlos Danger on the Spirit Airlines map.


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