The day you start a business is the same day you begin to build its brand. You must be thorough in understanding the brand of yourself, and your company so you can convey it to the public from day one.

Although the brand might alter in the future, you must have an awareness of what is representing in the present.

Here are Four Questions That Must be Answered to Build Your Brand.

1. What is your target audience?

Let’s say you had to construct the perfect profile of the community, and customer base you wish to reach. What would they look like? What regions are they from? What lifestyle do they have? What values do they stand behind?

By answering these questions, you’ll know how to align and alter your message to connect with them on a personal level. Form the brand to fit like an accessory in their everyday lives.

2. Can you explain your business in one sentence?

There is power in simplicity and clarity. More often then not businesses will not have a cohesive message for what they do. It leaves potential customers in a fog because there is not a clear path for solving their problem.

Identify their pain point and how you can give relief to it.

3. What emotions do you bring out of customers?

It not all about what your business offers. It’s how you make others feel when they interact with the brand. Like right now you feel motivated to learn more about building your brand, and at the same time, you feel happy because of the funny GIF’s. I like combing those emotions. Too often then not people get too serious with work that it is losing its fun, and if you are only clowning around you can’t expect to succeed.

So sit down, think about 1-3 emotions that you want to bring out of the audience. This carves out what type of feelings they can expect from your brand consistently.

4. What makes your brand unique?

The world is very noisy. The chances are that there is a vast amount of competitors in your space. This is when you destroy the cookie cutter mindset and stand out. What are ways to provide value that others are missing? How is your brand’s persona captivating?

Your goal should be that people say, “I’ve never seen, or heard that before.” The moment they udder those words is the same moment you have given a deep impression that’s memorable.


By taking the time to answer these questions you can be sure that a brand identity is developing, that the public will know the identity. Finally, that you’ll cultivate relationships to reinforce, and expand it.

Have you answered these questions?

Feel free to post them in the comments, and share them on your social networks!

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