shutterstock_91836665Starting a new business is a challenge in the beginning for many brands who want and need to get noticed online; and, generate sales and leads. The key is to stay focused and not give up in order to attain your goals. Having a passion for what you do is essential to success along with perseverance and a well-planned business strategy.

Here are 4 ways your personal brand can overcome obstacles and stay on track for years to come:

1. Build a solid foundation. If your brand is narrowly focused on just a couple of clients then it’s time to expand your horizons. As business shifts customers come and go and you will want to have a backup of resources available to tap into. Reach out to your LinkedIn network, current subscribers, and join professional groups in your industry on social media to attract more leads.

2. Delegate tasks. Running your company alone is not productive, and actually inhibits growth. In order to effectively build your brand consider using free online tools for productivity and if it is feasible for your budget outsource tasks such as social media management, sales, writing blog posts, etc.

3. Stay active in online marketing – The largest part of your brand’s visibility will be on social media, and in the beginning stages of your business it’s important to be active on your networks and blog. Sharing remarkable content will not only build a great reputation for you but will also establish your company much faster than networking offline.

4. Continuously learn skills – In today’s online education world it is easy to tap into free resources that will help build your knowledge in your industry. Take advantage of seminars, webinars and live streaming events, which is also a great way to network and attract more clients. Seek the advice of high influencer connections, and be open to adjusting your sails as the direction of the wind changes.

A highly visible and profitable personal brand understands the ups and downs of business and perseveres through the ups and downs. The process of building may take a few years, but once your roots are firmly planted you will have a much stronger chance for sustainable success.