If you want to be known for something, you have to practice what I call “consistent indirect marketing” of Brand You! In fact, that is the very first pillar of my Sway Factor™ system for social networking success. Here are three ways you can gently reinforce your personal brand and remind people who you are, what you do, and what makes you so special.

1. Add one or two links that provides more info on Brand You
For me, that’s a link to my Twitter feed and my LinkedIn profile. That’s it. If people want to find my company website, they can most certainly figure that out from my email address. And if they can’t, they’re not a good prospect for me anyway.

2. Add one link to something that you created that underscores what you do, and why you’re special. That might be a blog post, an article you’ve published in a trade journal, or even a link to an accolade your company recently earned. Write something intuitive, include a hyperlink, and call it a day. Here are some examples:

3. Finally when you’re going to be out of the office, use the opportunity to let your contacts know what you’re up to professionally, and yes, even personally. Because the more people know what you do, and who you are, the more able they are to make a referral or recommendation that helps you grow.

Here’s one of my latest Out Of Office Messages:

Thanks for your note. It’s Tuesday, June 26th, and I’m out of the office all day, delivering a social media training to a B2B corporate marketing department. If this is urgent, try my cell and I’ll do my very best to get back to you on a break. Otherwise, I will return your email when I’m back in the office later this week.

And here’s the one I used over the 4th of July. The subject line read: Gone Fishing!

Really, I am! Many people are surprised to learn that I do in fact fish and what’s more, I’m not all that bad at it either. I bait my own hooks but admit I’m not terribly fond of handling leeches.As you read this, I’m out of cell phone range in northern Minnesota, most likely on gorgeous Lake of the Woods catching my limit of Walleye for the day.

If this is urgent, especially if small puppies are in danger, please contact the amazing (my colleague) and she’ll do her best to put things right. Otherwise I’ll return your note the week of July 9th. Thanks for your understanding and to my fellow Americans, a very happy Independence Day week to you.

Think I’m over the top? Maybe I am. But I’ve have had so many clients, prospects and friends share fishing stories with me this past week… stories that gave us an opportunity to connect in a very personal and meaningful way that I’m willing to risk it. Think about it – aren’t your best customers and personal brand champions the people who know you best and love you anyway?

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