For most businesses, the About Us page is one of the most frequently visited page on your website, yet more often than not, most business’s this page typically lacks priority in comparison to product or services pages, landing pages, or the home page.

However, if your prospects are considering doing business with you, they want to know about you. They want to know what makes you unique, why they should shop with you, and what to expect when they choose you instead of your competitors. The About Us page is your chance to shine, begin developing positive relationships with your customers – and have search engines notice you.

Here are three tips to creating a better About Us page for your business. Try them and watch your page climb the ranks.

  1. Tell A Story

Today’s most profitable businesses all have a story to tell. Whether it’s a rags-to-riches story, the history of a family-owned business passed down for generations, or just a young entrepreneur who wants to make a statement to the world, you have a story.

Telling your story is when you can really let your customers learn a bit about you and the way you do business. Mostly, it’s the why you do business that they want to hear, though. So when you’re writing your business’ story, tell your potential customers how you got started and what makes you passionate about your business.

  1. Be The Brand

The biggest, most profitable companies have some strong branding. They’ve got that one phrase they use regularly, an image easily identified across platforms, and a certain feeling you get from all of their content.

For a company such as Amazon, that branding is customer service. For Apple, it’s high quality. These traits are so ingrained in all of their business practices—including their content—that you don’t even question them anymore. They’re just accepted.

What traits make your brand your own, and what makes a customer want to shop with you? These are the questions you can answer on your About Us page to further solidify your brand.

  1. Make A Connection

Connecting with customers is the real reason for the About Us page. While you want to do this with all of your content, it’s paramount for your About Us page.

You’re used to connecting with your customers when you interact with them directly. You talk about family, hobbies, interests—whatever you have in common so they learn to trust you. This connection builds authority along with a working relationship.

You also can connect with your content. Not only will it make the first interaction your customer has with your business a positive one, but it will give you a chance to really let the customer get to know you. Businesses have a chance to build connections by simply telling a story.

By using these three tips for creating a better About Us page, you’ll stand out from the competition, gain new customers, and delight your current customers—all of which are key to growing your business. Your online presence shouldn’t be a sales pitch; but an engaging conversation about your business.

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