Personal Branding concept with hand pressing social icons on blue world map background.
Personal Branding for 2017

Personal branding, once a bit of a buzzword for clever marketing companies, is coming of age as entrepreneurs at all levels become aware that they need a brand to communicate all of their areas of expertise and knowledge.

In 2016 social media channels made it even easier to connect with huge growth in ‘live’ and instant engagement, capturing raw content and seamlessly embedding it into native advertising.

So where can your personal brand propel you to in the coming year ahead?

Prediction 1) Your 15 minutes of fame.

Back in 1968, Andy Warhol once famously said “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” and he was right. Digital reach continues to grow in 2017 and it will be even easier to become famous, especially with the power of video marketing which can increase click through rates by a whopping 200%.

If a hilarious laughing woman in the Wookie mask can reach millions around the globe, what could you do to be seen?

The interesting thing is, fame is fleeting and although it might be easy to get there, staying at the forefront of your prospects mind is more tricky. That’s where a consistent brand message comes in handy.

What is your brand story and how can you tell it in as many ways as possible?

Prediction 2) If content is king, engagement is the queen of hearts

Neil Patel of Kissmetrics made it clear this year that SEO and Content Marketing is a marriage, and just like any relationship, you need to work on both. In the future though, as more and more people jump on the content creation bandwagon, it will be the relevant, timely, personalised and meaningful content that really creates engagement with your ideal audience.

Be ‘paincentric’ and supportive with your strategy, out the client at the centre of your 2017 universe.

What is the #1 pain or passion your client has and how can you re-purpose that message throughout the year?

Predictio 3) The age of the authentic brand

One of my favourite quotes is Oscar Wilde – “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”.

The whole ‘fake it till you make it’ era is over, people do business with people. B2B and B2C is dead, it’s human to human now and in 2017 the simplest strategy to create massive impact and influence is just to be you. But be the BEST you.

Choose a specific audience you totally love to work wth and focus on exclusively helping them. It all be far easier for you to maintain a real brand rather than trying to create an image.

Get clear on what you really do to help people and how to explain it in a way that your ideal client understands, connects with and trusts you to deliver.

What is your real brand image, how do you want to make people feel and what do you want them to remember you for?

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