You’re ready to create your business logo design. Whether you’re going the DIY route, or hiring a graphic designer, you should consider doing some market research first.

Don’t worry; I’m not suggesting you contract a full market analysis. They have their place for a large company considering a rebrand, or maybe a merger. For entrepreneurs and many small businesses, a visual evaluation of your competition is a great place to start.

Tip 1. Research Your Competitors

Make a list of both local and regional companies that do business in the same or similar market as you.

Use newspapers, phone books, and drive around the area that you do business in. Use simple Google searches and relevant keywords to help create your list. Ask your current customers– they often will do their own research before making purchasing decisions. *Take this opportunity to ask them why they chose you over your competition!* Ask your suppliers. Go to industry conferences and trade shows.

Tip 2. Review Your Competitors’ Business Logo Designs And Branding

This is a visual evaluation only, and doesn’t include product or service comparisons. It will help you identify what you like or dislike about their business logo designs. It’s always good to know what your competition is doing, not to copy them, but to differentiate yourself from them. Isn’t it better to stand out in a crowd?

Tip 3. Evaluate Your Competitors’ Business Logo Designs Visual Impact

Don’t stress over this step, just do a quick visual review to answer the following questions:

  • What do your competitors’ business logo designs look like?market research tips for business logo design
  • What message are you getting?
  • What works about their design?
  • What would you do differently in their place?

Don’t get wrapped up in the details of their business. You don’t want this to turn into a comparison of where they are in their business journey compared to you– nothing good comes from that.

This whole exercise is only to identify what your competitors choose to do with their business logo design, so you can do something different and outstanding.

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