What can you do to make your brand stand out among your competitors? This post explains!

With so much competition circulating around in almost every industry, it’s becoming even more important for brands to stand out. In fact, Nielsen’s Global New Product Innovation found that nearly 6 in 10 global respondents prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them, and 21 percent say they purchased a new product because it was from a brand they enjoy. This makes it clear that one should never underestimate the power of an influential and well-known brand on consumer decisions.

So what can you do to make your brand stick out among your competitors and ultimately attract your audience? Well, why not learn from some of those brands that are currently dominating the global market in their field and see what lessons you can adopt for your own brand? Check out these strategies that the worlds leading brands have used to get ahead of the game.

Focus on Your Consumer: T-Mobile

Making sure you’re thinking of the consumer may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many brands just say it instead of acting on it. Remaining consumer-centric should be at the forefront of all products, promotions, marketing strategies and selling points, ensuring that all decisions made benefit the consumer and satisfy their current needs and wants. T-Mobile serves as a great example of a consumer-driven brand. Being in the telecommunications industry, T-mobile is up against numerous competitors, but catering to what the consumer actually wants is what sets them apart. Flexible contracts, simple and easy to manage plans, along with the option to quickly upgrade to an Apple iPhone 7 or the latest Android are just examples of ways that T-Mobile ensures they are satisfying their consumers and remaining prominent as a brand. With this in mind, try identifying your audience’s main needs and wants from your industry and aim to satisfy them with your products.

Have A Unique Selling Point: Apple

In order to stand out of the crowd, it’s important to have something that actually makes you unique. From the day of their inception, Apple has prided itself on being the leader of innovation, bringing us groundbreaking products like the iPhone and iPad. Emphasizing style, simplicity and modern technology, Apple has created a unique selling point for itself that allows consumers to easily differentiate the Apple brand from its competitors. Having one or two brand characteristics that are attached to your brand is a great way to attract loyal followers and build your product line. Whether it’s to do with product style, aesthetics, logos, partnerships, company values or even color scheme, a unique selling point can be crucial to ensuring your brand has a strong foot in the market.

Be Consistent: Nike

One of the biggest factors that leads consumers to return to the same brand is trust. Trust is developed over time and built upon the idea of consistency — that every time you interact with the brand, the quality and experience will continue to satisfy you. Despite being at a higher price point, Nike has millions of loyal customers all around the world. Not only does it continue to associate itself with leading athletes and value hard work and sportsmanship, but a customer can depend on the fact that Nike products are long-lasting and effective. Even its tagline, ‘Just Do It,’ has remained consistent for years and is always associated with the brand at first sight. This idea of choosing one brand mission, including product quality, company values and marketing tactics, and then sticking to it, is a great way to build a strong and dependable brand. By remaining consistent, you can continually gain the trust of consumers and ensure a loyal following.

Building a brand can be a tricky business, especially in modern times, when competition and innovation are growing at a rapid pace. However, many global brands have successfully mastered the task of brand building in order to distinguish themselves in today’s market.