Do you know where you can find and talk to your audience?

The goal of identifying the best brand communication channels for your online business is to reach out to your audience in the best way possible. This allows you to convert them into customers faster and keep them one for the long-term.

Communicating with your audience has been made easy with the internet.

Users usually look for businesses online, read reviews, and see whether they are responsive before they push through with their transactions,

Fortunately for brands, it’s not hard to be active and seen online. An overwhelming number of channels are available for almost all types of industries.

The key differentiator between your brand and the competitors is the value you bring to your audience in your chosen channels.

Let’s take a look at the top three go-to channels to reach your audience and increase your chance of converting them into paying customers.

Social Media

social media as brand communication channel

As far as marketing channels go, social media has always been a crucial platform for all brands – big or small.

Your audience is most likely on social media, and there are three that stick out above the rest: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you aren’t on any of these three, then you are wasting your potential to reach a huge market and possibly losing to your competitors who are active on these platforms.

According to a survey by SmartInsights, 63% of customers expect companies to provide customer service via social media.

Social media enables one-on-one communication. You can easily build your reputation by being responsive and providing value to your followers.

To add to that, here are a few things you can do on social media:

  • Develop the type of persona you want to exhibit.
  • Ensure that your brand’s voice and tone are showing on your profile photos, cover photo, and the rest of the posts.
  • Measure your results and adjust your next strategies accordingly.

The best thing about social media is that they are free. But, truth is, the competition can be tough. You have to make sure you are on top of things if you want sales to come your way.

If you want to reach more audiences faster, you can always do paid advertisements. For instance, Facebook ads deliver your content to the right people and broaden your reach depending on the budget you set.

You can also use the ‘boost post’ option to increase the visibility of your promotions and loyalty rewards and show them to your existing followers.

Email Marketing

There’s no denying that the effectiveness of email marketing as a communication channel is effective as mentioned in these statistics.

One of the best ways to generate subscribers to one’s email list is by creating effective landing pages. But one can’t do that without using the easy-to-use landing page builders.

Email may seem to be old school. But truth be told, it’s still one of the best ways to contact people directly.

When you have a list of databases to blast your email campaigns to, make sure that you do it smartly. It means that you should get to know them well by tracking and testing the types of content they do read.

There are effective tools you can use to see a specific email address that opens your sent emails at a certain time.

When you have these data, it’s easy to know what kind of content or promotion your email should have which in turn helps you convert more efficiently.

Email marketing is all about building and nurturing relationships. Use it not only to push and promote your new offers but also to try and give back to your loyal customers.

Web Content

Your website’s content is still best in telling your brand’s story.

If you find out what type of content your audience wants, you can offer them a better way to deliver information to them.

There are a few ways to understand what type of content your visitors read in your site:

  • Check you Google Analytics Audience Overview
  • Read the comments they leave on your web posts
  • Ask them on social media
  • Reach out to them via email

Also, the content doesn’t only revolve text-based formats. There are podcasts, videos, and infographics you can use to connect with your audience better.


If you can maintain multiple channels without affecting your productivity, then it’s best to utilize all these communication platforms into your online strategy to maximize your brand’s best potential reach.

So make sure that you aren’t limited to one or two channels.

Focus on trying to give a superb customer experience as this is what an effective brand communication tries to achieve.