blog image ideas.inddIt’s no secret; different people love different brands for different reasons. This does not have to be a privilege of the famous only. We at Mevvy have compiled 20 possible ways to make your customer fall in love with your brand …

1. Be Available When Your Customer Needs You: In general, people love convenience. We love to be able to shop in the evening and go to the bank on Sundays. Understand your customer’s lifestyle and adapt to it.

Example: 24-Hour Store

2. Offer World-Class Customer Service: It’s okay to charge a bit more for your product if you can provide solid value for the extra dollar spent. Offer stellar customer service and make it less of a pain, but more of a relief.

Example: Apple

3. Stand For A Defined Level Of Quality: People love quality brands because they know what they are going to get. Transform your product into a brand that means good value for money to your customer.

Example: Adidas

4. Be Consistent In Providing Quality, Too: There is nothing better than reassurance. Whether in a different part of town or when abroad – your subsidiaries will be recognized and appreciated by your customers everywhere.

Example: Starbucks

5. Have An Open Heart For Charity: Yes, many customers prefer a brand just because it is contributing to charitable projects. If you have some spare dollars to spend and a noteworthy project you’d like to support, this may open you the path into your customers’ hearts.

Example: Wal-Mart

6. Solve A Common Problem: Many times we find ourselves saying, “Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?” Make your brand stand out in innovation, address a typical problem and provide a once-and-for-all-solution.

Example: Lark (a silent, vibrating alarm clock)

7. Make Your Product An Epitome Of Style: If your product is all about style, elegance, representation and class, this approach may be for you. Transform your brand into an icon; a symbol of style , good taste and savoir-vivre.

Example: Tiffany & Co.

8. Protect The Environment: Lead official campaigns to protect the planet. Let your customers know that you are doing something, and that they are part of this effort, too. Engage them in the topic, educate them, lead by example and head for a greener future together …

Example: General Electric

9. Guarantee Faster Service: Time is money. If your company has the means and resources to be the fastest, then this may be a way to make your customers fall in love with your brand. Exceed expectations and deliver your services and products in record time.

Example: FedEx

10. Emphasize On Natural Ingredients: While protecting the environment is one thing, using natural resources and ingredients another. If your company works with organic, natural and environmentally-friendly products, let the world know!

Example: The Body Shop

11. Offer The Best Possible Quality At The Lowest Price: In tough times the ratio between value and price becomes more and more important. Aim for the most economic prices possible, reduce services and extras, but maintain a solid long-lasting quality assurance.

Example: Ikea

12. Manufacture Products That Perform To Their Best: Some want “the best of the best” as they say. This is another strong reason for people love certain brands. Your product must promise best performance, indefinite reliability and unparalleled quality.

Example: BMW

13. Captivate Your Audience By Telling Your Story Well: Take your customers on a journey, a path that has been unknown to them before, and that they certainly didn’t expect. Become a story teller, a narrator of a tale that your customers cannot resist.

Example: Quentin Tarantino

14. Understand Your Customer And What They Want To See (Hear, Smell, Taste, Touch, Feel): “Don’t make your product for yourself, make it for your customer”, someone once said. Closely study your market, understand its needs & wants, and produce a product that satisfies – and exceeds – them.

Example: Lady Gaga

15. Convey The Feeling Of Privileged Status: Many luxury products use this approach to differentiate themselves from other consumer products. The idea is simple: make your customer feel special, unique and better than others.


16. Make It Real Easy To Accomplish Everyday Tasks: If your business revolves around a basic commodity, like grocery shopping, there are ways for you to make your brand stand out among others, too. Go the extra mile and spoil your customer with special services.

Example: Publix Home Delivery

17. Be The One Like No Other: While this category may be reserved to some privileged brands, there is room to join the world’s top companies. With persistence and dedication to the highest standards you may count among the top brands in the future.

Example: Ferrari

18. Be There When No One Else Is: We might have expressed ourselves a bit dramatically there, but the core concept is true. Burn your brand into people’s minds, and be the #1 company one thinks of when bored …

Example: YouTube

19. Become The Only Real Option: There is another way of making people love you: dominate the market. Introduce a better option than what’s available, and gradually expand across different industries until you own the majority market share.

Example: Google

20. Become A Universally-Known Product: The ultimate, all-encompassing method to gain worldwide fellowship is fame. Think about a world-famous product: everyone likes it, but no one really knows why. This is probably the most influential type of brand impact, because it is the most subliminal one that exists.

Example: RedBull

Can you think of other ways to make your customers fall in love with your brand? Share your ideas with us!

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