1. Zack Morris, A.C. Slater and Lisa Turtle were the biggest inspirations for the wardrobe design and stylists.

2. Your Master is on a dusty VHS in your closet and you actually have to convert it before using it online. Somebody even taped over it halfway through to record a ‘91 Dolphins game. (They won, in case you were wondering.)

3. People were still saying “www” in front of their URLs and it was hosted on geocities.

4. Somebody in the b-roll background is talking on a phone…in a phone booth. Change, anyone?

5. The phone numbers used in the video were still 7 digits, followed by your fax number.

6. Milli Vanilli did the music.

7. Any of the following appear on the office set: a walkman, cassette tapes, projectors or floppy disks.

8. The extras used in the background of your video are wearing bright neon, stick-on earrings, knee high socks and are rocking the teased hair.

9. Hulk Hogan is your spokesperson.

10. The furniture & set decoration looks like it was done by Mrs. Brady.

11. “Word Art” makes an appearance in place of motion graphics.

12. Your contact email address is @ prodigy.

13. Your camera operator was actually your little brother (and his moving camera dolly was a Radio Flyer wagon he was standing on).

14. The interns ask why you gave an AOL Keyword instead of a Twitter handle.

15. Last but not least…the most important reason of all for needing a new video is that it’s not giving your business results.

If any of the above apply to you, do us all a favor and give yourself the gift of a new video for the holiday!

(And this time, use professionals on sites like ProductionHUB).  Whether you are hiring a freelancer or a production company, be selective. Request client references and make sure their style – and personality – gels with your company culture.