brand personalityI love social media. I love everything about it. I love that I’m able to keep up with friends and family. I love that I’m able to read excellent content from across the world, and I love that I can interact with my favorite brands. You know what else? I’m not the only one who loves social media.

In fact, almost 2 billion users log into the big three (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) every month. Now, we’re sure there’s bound to be some overlap between networks in that statistic. However, it’s time you start using these platforms as a place to express your brand personality, and build real relationships with fans.

Check out my list of the best ways to develop your brand personality through the big three social media networks.


With over 175 million daily users, it’s no wonder companies are using the network to get to people. You know exactly how many people are seeing your posts, there are real metrics that show effectiveness, and your customers show their approval via “likes” and comments. Still, are you using Facebook to it’s fullest potential? Consider these techniques to build a better brand personality using the most-popular social media network to date:

1. Memes

Memes have become a huge part of social media culture. Since their birth on the internet around 2003, they’ve become an excellent tactic for companies to generate “likes” and build a brand personality. Everyone from major corporations to bands are using memes to engage their audience. This meme was posted by a small band, and while I’ve never heard them play, nor do I have any idea who they are, I “liked” their page because they’re pretty awesome in my book.

brand personality

2. Make ‘em laugh

Humor is a great way to build your brand personality. Posting funny photos or comments allow people to relate to your company. Take this photo for example. It shows a woman we’ve all seen on horrible stock photography websites, and somehow she works at every call center in the world. Another lesson to be learned here: don’t use stock photos, use your real employees instead.

brand personality

3. Splash Pages

Splash pages, or tabs for Facebook, are a great way to show off a particular event you’re promoting, or just tell your audience who you are and what you’re about. While we live in a marketing age that’s all about content, it doesn’t purely have to be words (as a writer, my fingers would barely let me type that sentence…) so give people what they want. Show them who you are, don’t tell them.

4. Ask Questions

I love this status that Skittles posted. It’s hilarious, and I can’t help but laugh thinking about the person sitting at their computer in a Skittles office giggling to themselves at the responses. The best words to use on Facebook are “should” and “would you,” so incorporate those into your statuses as much as possible. Get people talking!

brand personality

5. Showcase your talents

There’s nothing better than getting the people that are following you to know the people they’re working with. That’s one reason I love the news so much. I feel like I get to know the people even though they’re just reading from a teleprompter. Still, the Today Show prominently features their cast in their Facebook photos. Why not feature your “cast?”

brand personality


By far my favorite social media network, Twitter has become a powerhouse for marketers, but also for businesses that want to generate leads through interactions via Twitter. With over 1 billion tweets posted every two or three days, it’s no wonder people have adapted to the 140 character rule. Check out my favorite features on Twitter and how you can use them to establish your brand personality.

6. Creative Backgrounds

Unlike Facebook, Twitter gives you the opportunity to do some really fun customizations, and that all starts with your background image. Think of it as MySpace, only better. You can create backgrounds that tell who you are, show a product, or just promote your brand image. Don’t get too crazy with it. You don’t want to distract from your content.

7.  Informative and Searchable Headings

I love the headings section of Twitter. You’re able to list things about yourself, plus put in fun photos that truly show what you’re about. For example, in my heading I have an image about blogging, information about who I am, hashtags that allow people to search for me, and where I’m from. It’s a great way to allow people to find your brand.

brand personality

8. Share User-Generated Content

Everyone loves Starbucks, and the brand takes full advantage of some of the gorgeous user-generated content their fans submit. Follow their lead and post user-generated content. If someone sends you a photo of themselves promoting your brand, Tweet it to everyone and let them see not only how awesome your product or service is, but how awesome your customers are.

brand personality

9. Be Funny

I love this image, and I love that Taco Bell and Old Spice had a little battle going on for a minute there. It’s great when you can engage people by using some humor. You’ve only got 140 characters, so make them count.

brand personality


While this social media networking site is not my favorite, it’s starting to grow on me. Sure, it didn’t quite launch like Facebook or even Twitter, still it’s becoming a favorite in the business world, because let’s face it, everyone uses Google, no matter what Bing says.

10. Header Photos which Reflect Your Brand

With Google+ you’ve got an even bigger heading than other networks, and no text guidelines like Facebook, so promote away. I love this image from  VividTimes and their header photo, because, well, it’s vivid!

brand personality

11. Promote Events

Use Google+ to promote your next event. You can send it to all of your contacts, which also gives you the opportunity to add people to your circles, and you can keep everyone informed about any changes to the event.

brand personality

12. Take Advantage of Long-Form Posts

Google+ doesn’t limit you to 140 characters like Twitter, and doesn’t turn long posts into “Notes” like Facebook does. Take advantage of that and write your heart out. You might as well! Also, I love that Google has decided that it’s users should be allowed to say what they want with bolding and italics!

brand personality

13. +1-ing

If you’ve got a business page, and you link it to your business Google+ account, people can +1 you right from their Google searches. That’s a great tool to get your information out to people because you don’t even have to do any of the promoting.

brand personality

14. Developing Business Culture

Again, Starbucks makes our list, but this time from a little break some employees took to get some Starbucks and get creative. Post photos to your Google+ account to show people your corporate culture. You’re a fun loving, hard working atmosphere, and people want to know that!

brand personality

What is your favorite social media site feature? Sound off in the comments!

image credit: Now Sourcing