If you have a business to run you can’t ignore the information that appears online about you or your business. You need to learn how to get online and actively manage your reputation, and you are wondering how? We have the answers for you!

The internet and social media have made online reputation management a very real concern. The good news is that there’s now effective software, apps and online reputation management tools that can help with reputation management. It takes time to repair a blemished reputation and remove unwanted scars, so you should get started now in managing it. Here a list of essential tools for your Online Reputation Management (ORM) –

1. Radian6

Radian6 is a great tool for managing your online reputation on the social media space and also to engage with audiences across platforms. If you are a well known brand and a lot of social media conversations are going on around the world or a specific region about you and if you would like to measure market sentiments about your brand, then this is an ultimate tool that offers so many interesting features.

radian6 orm

It’s a paid tool, and considering the cost factor it wouldn’t be the perfect choice for a small business. But if you have a requirement for large scale monitoring and you also have the budget then surely go for it. But it even provides a free trial as well for its users.

  • Excel Add-in
  • Engagement console and its sales force chatter support
  • Real time dashboard
  • Manage online social conversation

2. uberVU

uberVU is a real-time social media marketing platform that shows brands what they need to know, now. uberVU automatically analyzes all your brand’s social media data to show insights like influencers, stories, and trends you can leverage – in real-time.

ubervu orm

Designed for the daily social media marketer, it’s easy to use and simple to set up. It’s a paid application, starting from $449 per month and is based solely on the number of Streams. Every account includes unlimited mentions, unlimited users and free training, support and setup. It even provides free trial for its users.

  • Real time harvesting of Data
  • Easy engagement
  • Direct management of Twitter and Facebook
  • Collaboration among team members

3. Reputation Defender

reputation orm

Whether you’re looking to improve your company’s online reputation or your own, Reputation.com has several options available to fit your needs. Reputation.com is an online reputation management service that can help to remove blemishes from your presence online. It specializes in SEO and offers a wide range of SEO practices and help keeps your business’s reputation strong. It is a paid application.

  • Personal marketing amhine
  • Helps you own your online identity
  • Monitor your reputation
  • Track your popularity

4. Sentiment Metrics

sentiment orm

Sentiment Metrics has a reputation management tool that, just like the other services mentioned, helps you monitor what is being said about you, your brand and your products across blogs, forums and news sites. The reports you’ll receive by using this software focus on sentiment, which tells you if the mention is positive, negative or neutral. The reports have nice visual graphs and you can break them down by gender, age groups and location. One of the big differentiators and benefits of using this service is that you get email alerts sent to you whenever you have bad press. It’s a paid tool

  • Easy configuration
  • Sentiment benchmarking
  • Collaboration among team members
  • Easily identifies influencers

5. Visible

visible orm

Visible is for marketers, research groups, agencies and any other enterprise department looking to learn and participate as well manage their online reputation with their extended communities online. Brands, who wish to remain relevant, listen to open feedback, provide service for their customers, and message in new and interesting ways that resonate with customers can use Visible Intelligence to both inform and improve their business. Social media is moving at the speed of thought, and this platform lets you stay abreast with the market. It is a paid tool.

  • Listening
  • Track brand buzz
  • Consumer sentiments
  • All-in-one Platform and interface

6. Mention

mention orm

Mention monitors the web, including the major social media channels, to keep you informed every time somebody mentions your name, brand or target keywords, and its user-friendly interface makes it very easy to use. When Mention spots that somebody talks about you or your brand you can instantly see this through one of their apps (Web, Desktop, iPhone or Android). Alternatively you can get daily summary alerts which show you the mentions for a particular day. It has various plans a free plan and the other plans are the paid ones (lite, pro and enterprise)

  • Collaboration among team members
  • Real –time alerts
  • Engage on the go
  • Track mentions of your keywords

7. Attentio

attentio orm

The Attentio Social Media Dashboard is an online social media monitoring platform that gives you the tools to achieve an in-depth understanding of who is writing about your brand, what are they writing about, which social media platforms generate the most buzz for your brand and how the online conversation evolves over time.

  • Analytics
  • Live Charts
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Segmentation

8. Brandseye

bandseye orm

BrandsEye provides near real-time feedback about online discussions involving your company name, brands, campaigns and employees. Notifications can be delivered via email, SMS, RSS or Twitter in the event of a potential crisis, and the software also provides a reputation score that lets you to gauge the health of your online reputation with respect to yourself and your competitors. The software can be configured according to over 40 variables, including language, country, type of media, and brand relevancy. It is a paid tool from price starting from $199-$2000

  • Detailed reports about competitors and online conversations
  • Online mentions
  • Full automation
  • Reputation score

9. Trackur

trackur orm

Trackur scans hundreds of millions of websites including social media channels, blogs, forums, news sites and media sharing sites. The service offers a flexible pricing structure, starting at a very affordable $27 per month, to address the needs of both personal and enterprise users. It provides a 10 free trial period for its users before they make the decision of which plan they want to select.

  • Executive insights
  • Influence and sentiment analysis
  • The broadest social media coverage
  • Data your way

10. Google’s Me on the Web

With Me on the Web, you can get notified when your personal data appears on the web. You can use Me on the Web to alert you when your personal information–say, your email address or phone number–gets published online.

Some Bonus Tools

• Google Alerts

Google Alerts is Google’s free keyword-tracking service. The service is a simple but very useful tool that should form part of any reputation management strategy as an efficient way to keep up on what the search giant is indexing about your company and its products. Typical for Google services, the tool is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. It basically involves stating your keywords, setting the scope of your search (comprehensive or specific to media-related sites) and choosing the frequency of email alerts (real-time, once per day, or once per week). And it is a free service.

• Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker is a social media tool that empowers brands with the ability to track impressions and conversations across the vast space that is our internet. It is s an easy to use and incredibly powerful social media monitoring and analytics tool. It delivers high value insights in a user-friendly dashboard recommended by agencies and brands worldwide. Many people believe it is a better alternative to Google alerts, and this tool is free service as well.

The Internet has transformed word-of-mouth into a major force that can reach around the globe. With a strong reputation, you attract new customers, keep the ones you have, and grow. And while in the old days, managing a company reputation meant managing public perception across geography, today the Internet adds another important layer.

Your reputation is everything in this constantly shrinking online-centric world. If you don’t monitor and manage your online name and brand, you run the risk of seeing your reputation plummet and your value disintegrate. You might also want to check these 20 Twitter tools for Business!

Your turn

Do you monitor your brands online reputation, which tools do you use? Let us know your thoughts and insights in the comments section below.

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