Keeping track of your online reputation can be a challenge. There are many places where your name can appear on the Web, but fortunately there are also many tools available to help you with the task of managing your online reputation. Here are ten of the best tools for your online reputation management:

  1. Google’s Me on the Web – This free tool provided by Google will help you set up alerts to monitor mentions of your business or personal name as well as other information you provide. A Google Profile is required set up in order to use the service; after that is it is all managed from your Google dashboard.
  2. – KnowEm searches through social networks, domain names and registered trademarks for your name, business name or brand. There is also a paid service to let them set up profiles on all of these sites.
  3. Social Mention – Similar to Google Alerts, Social Mention searches social media channels for mentions of your name instead of Google search results.
  4. Trackur – Trackur is a full service online reputation management tool that gives you a dashboard for monitoring and analyzing your reputation across a wide variety of accounts. This is a paid tool starting at around $18/mo, and is very well suited for small businesses.
  5. HootSuite – HootSuite is an all-in-one tool for managing and posting to multiple online accounts. Originally developed for Twitter accounts, it has grow to support many other accounts including Facebook, Tunblr and With both paid and free options, it gives you the ability to post to any combination of supported accounts from one place.
  6. – An online service for distributing your tweets and RSS feeds to multiple online networks. is also useful for pulling RSS feeds from multiple sites and distributing them to many different places.
  7. Disqus – Disqus was created to help manage and display blog and website comments across multiple networks and websites, including forums and blog comments.
  8. Atomkeep – Atomkeep is currently in beta mode, but it gives you the ability to sync your profile across many different networks. Making a change to one profile will sync your results across many different accounts.
  9. Twitter Search – Twitter lets you save specific searches so that you can monitor them over time and automate the process of checking multiple searches for results that might include your name.
  10. RSS feeds for searches – Certain websites allow you to create an RSS feed for a specific search term. You can then monitor the feed for results that might include your name, business name or trademark. There are custom feeds available on Yahoo Alerts, Technorati and Yahoo Answers among others.

There are a lot of tools out there for monitoring and managing your online reputation. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options, so try to decide which ones are the easiest for you to manage and maintain. It’s better to have a few tools that you can keep up with than to have an abundance of tools that you don’t have time for.