Your website cannot be your only branding asset. A website is table steaks in today’s digital economy. Today’s most successful personal and business brands deliver on this key strategy to win big.

Content Marketing - Be the Authority

The single greatest brand strategy is…share. Give away your expertise to gain attention and trust.

Those who hoard their ideas and knowledge will go unnoticed. The longer you cling to your ideas the faster they will become outdated in today’s fast moving market. Especially if your target market is Millennials because they are loyal to your creativity, not your brand. Brands must constantly keep things fresh if they want to net and nurture the next generation consumer.

The best way to keep things fresh and to share your expertise is by producing and sharing original content via a blog or podcast (aka content marketing). Consistent content cultivates confidence. Confidence builds in the content creators as they expand and share their knowledge on the subject and confidence builds in the content consumers as they view you as a trusted thought leader.

Some experts believe the best way to get found on Google is to produce consistent relevant content. I can attest. 2 years and 170+ blog posts later, I am more findable via Google and my credibility on the subject cemented. Share your best stuff with no reserves. It pays off.

And let’s face it, your idea isn’t original…nothing ever is. There is nothing new under the sun. But what is unique is your voice and that takes time and practice to develop. Practice takes action. So get sharing.

A good rule of thumb is to keep providing content as long as the value remains high. And don’t forget to promote your content. You can’t expect people to just stumble upon your great content. If your content truly serves your audience, you’ll want to share it. Use social media and email to promote your content. New York Times bestselling author Jay Baer says it best, “Content is fire. Social Media is gasoline.”

It’s becoming increasingly crucial to embrace an abundance mindset when it comes to branding. Those who embrace scarcity will get scarcity. Commit to becoming the authority your customers need. And share on.