9781452594392_COVER.inddIn June 2012, a Forbes article written by Natalie MacNeil entitled, “Entrepreneurship is the New Women’s Movement” went viral. It was shared immediately across social media platforms and spoken about in women’s networking groups. This simple article ignited a rally cry heard across the globe. Entrepreneurship was real and within the reach of any woman.

Women Entrepreneur Revolution: Ready! Set! Launch! from entrepreneur and author Jenn Aubert, carries the momentum of this rally cry with a candid look at 100 successful female entrepreneurs. While most advice on small business and entrepreneurship focuses on the tactical and strategic aspects of starting a venture, often leaving the individual out of the equation, Women Entrepreneur Revolution focuses solely on the underlying personal foundation that is so critical to success. Through her research and interviews, Aubert has identified a number of traits and behaviors that all successful women possess, including courage and determination.

The book’s core message is the value of role models, and how they can greatly influence business and life. Women are encouraged to seek out and establish a “stable” full of role models that can be looked to for guidance in key areas such as: starting and growing a business, overcoming fear, defining success, establishing a network, and practicing self-care, among others.

Role models can be found anywhere, according to Aubert. They’re in communities (both on and offline), small and large towns, Chambers of Commerce, and even in books and on TV. Aubert suggests hand-selecting people who add significant value and can contribute to growth at all levels of career and business success.

There’s also an underlying message of women helping women, which is so important in today’s dog-eat-dog business world. Women are encouraged to view other women as collaborators and colleagues, not competitors. By lifting each other up, rather than tearing each other down, women can move mountains—together.

Cat Lincoln (Clever Girls Collective), Chrisanna Northrup, Maria Ross (Red Slice), Mauria Finley (Citrus Lane), Mia Bauer (Founder of Crumbs), and Whitney Moss (Rookie Moms and 510Families) are just some of the successful entrepreneurs featured in the book. They offer sage advice such as:

“The one thing that makes me the most successful is I only reach out to people that I know it will be a win-win for both of us.” – Chrisanna Northup

“Too many women entrepreneurs suffer from analysis paralysis. Just get something out there! Eighty percent of something is better than one hundred percent of nothing—then you have something that you can tweak and test so you’re at least moving forward.” – Maria Ross

“Hire the absolute best people you can get. Put amazing people behind your company and your dream.” – Mia Bauer

“Be protective of your time! You can’t lose a whole day doing something that doesn’t grow your business.” – Whitney Moss

Part traveling mentor, part toolkit, and part road map, Women Entrepreneur Revolution can help guide women who are just starting down the path of entrepreneurship or those who have been running businesses for years.