Have you ever wished you had a few extra hours in the day to send out review copies to book bloggers, mail those prizes from your last giveaway that happened months ago, or update your website? Then maybe it is time you considered hiring an author assistant.

Author assistants perform various tasks for you, the author, so you have more time to write. For many authors there just is not enough time in the day to meet that daily word count and manage all the other aspects of being an author (social media, for example). Hiring an author assistant can help you save time so you can focus more on writing and interacting with your readers.

An author assistant assists authors in many different ways. One of the hardest parts of my job is explaining to people exactly what I do because each and every author I have ever worked with is different and has different needs.

In 2010 I started my first job as an author assistant. My first job consisted of a lot of e-mail organizing so the author could focus her time on writing. My second author assistant job consisted more of reaching out to book bloggers, beta-reading, and even attending events with the author. Now I am working for multiple authors and I do a range of things from admin tasks (sending information about the authors/books to those who request it, updating websites, organizing spreadsheets, mailing out prizes) to marketing tasks (reaching out to reviewers, creating press releases, creating book jacket copy, running street teams).

Author assistants are not miracle workers BUT we are naturally organized people who can save you time by completing tasks on your to-do list for you. The biggest benefits of having an author assistant are:

  • More time to write.
  • More time to be with family and handle personal responsibilities.
  • Your assistant will be there to support you and encourage you. We are on your team!
  • Motivation and goal-setting.

An author assistant can be that needed force to help overcome deadlines, bad days, and overwhelming times.

One of the biggest obstacles authors face when considering hiring an assistant is money. However what most authors do not realize you can find an affordable author assistant. Like most service-based occupations the more experience an assistant has the more you are likely to pay, but you can find talented assistants at any experience level. On average expect to pay around $200 a month (only $50 per week) for an author assistant. Plus hiring an assistant to help you is considered a business expense (which will help you out come tax season). If $200 seems a little above your budget consider looking for a college student who may be able to do an internship for credit and reduce their rate. If $200 seems a little low consider looking into assistants with marketing experience or a marketing consultant. These marketers will cost more but will be able to offer more experience and help in your business strategy.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me on my website katetilton.com or by e-mail [email protected]