SEO requires a lot of knowledge that needs to be constantly fed and updated. SEO is always changing, that’s why it goes without saying that you should keep abreast of SEO news. There are many useful websites and blogs dedicated to SEO, but the deepest analysis of course could be found only in research papers, white-papers and other studies..

Many professionals prefer expertly-written ebooks that show all intricacies of SEO strategy. They usually provide in-depth information and insights, but not all of them are useful and deserve your attention.

I’ve gathered a good selection of 7 awesome SEO ebooks that can deliver advanced knowledge in SEO. So sit back, take a cup of coffee, bury yourself into the ebooks – and prepare to improve your marketing in the new year.

#1. Hot SEO trends and tricks to save your sales during the rush by SE Ranking


If you want to increase online sales, attract more attention to your offer and generate higher traffic to your website, you can look at an ultimate collection of quick SEO fixes. This ebook is perfect for marketing executives and SEO experts who desire to find out more about effective SEO approaches, especially during the big sales such as winter season and holiday-related sales.

What to expect:

  • Simple steps and real scenarios to reach top SERPs results and optimize social traffic;
  • Effective tips for drawing more attention to your offer;
  • Tactics for increasing online sales and improving your mobile rankings.

I highly recommend this read as it offered a lot of practical tips that I personally sued to improve my sales during holidays.

#2. SEO Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization (Like I’m 5 Book 1) by Matthew Capala


This is one of the best SEO ebooks by Matthew Capala. This ebook is best for SEO beginners, startups, marketers and bloggers. You can learn SEO from different perspectives to improve traffic on your website and get found in search engines.

What to expect:

  • Useful tips and tactics to build content strategies and relationships with bloggers;
  • Steps for attracting quality links and find profitable keywords;
  • Easy ways to audit and optimize your website.

#3. Data mining, sales and SEO: business intelligence at your fingertips by SE Ranking


This in-depth SEO ebook is a great read for digital agency owners, SEO experts and marketing executives. It offers some unexpected insights on how to employ SEO data into sales and marketing alignment as well as build an authentic view of your customers while creating new opportunities for growth.

What to expect:

  • A 3d view of your customers to sale more;
  • True tips to increase sales and marketing conversions;
  • SEO techniques to boost content marketing efforts;
  • Real cases to enhance your customer experience and native advertising.

The ebook is absolutely free and is very useful.

#4. Attention-Driven Design: 23 Visual Principles For Designing More Persuasive Landing Pages by Unbounce


If you need to create an effective landing page that can convert better, this ebook is a good solution for you. The guide includes 68 pages of key explanations how to eliminate distraction and get more conversions you deserve. The ebook made by Oli Gardner helps you achieve visual simplicity via psychology and attention-driven design with a bunch of real-web patterns.

What to expect:

  • Tips and tricks for designing landing pages with good attention ratios;
  • Real case studies and examples that help you improve your marketing experiences;
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating an attention-driven design.

For getting the ebook for free, you just need to enter your name and work email.

#5. Social Media Data Cookbook by Hootsuite


Social media plays an important role for marketers. They know that it is really tricky to collect and manage data for effective online business. This free ebook uses a different approach that provides simple and effective ways to use social media data that you already know. If you know a lot about social media data, but you want to make your marketing campaign more profitable and smarter, this guide is what you need for effective SEO work.

What to expect:

  • Tricks for defining the ROI of all your social media campaigns;
  • An overview of videos and useful resources for marketers to get in-depth review;
  • Awesome strategies on how to get the most out of social media data you have.

You should complete the form to download this ebook for free.

#6. SEO 2016: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies by Adam Clarke


This guide is one of the best SEO optimization ebooks you should read – it’s the only one with everything you need. It helps you discover new powerful link building tactics, tips for finding powerful keywords and automating your SEO tasks and tricks for local SEO. You will learn the exact steps of SEO to get ranked higher in Google and drive much traffic to your website.

What to expect:

  • Awesome tricks for getting high local rankings in search;
  • An overview of insider sources to get marketing or SEO advice for free;
  • A series of useful SEO concepts starting from beginner to advanced;
  • Strategies on how to find profitable keywords.

#7. Data-Driven Content Marketing by Uberflip


Many content marketers always want to find out the performance of their content marketing efforts in order to know what works and what doesn’t work for improving content strategies. This ebook is a good content management tool to collect data about your marketing decisions and build up an effective content strategy.

What to expect:

  • Step-by-step instructions to create a content strategy;
  • Trick on how to measure content marketing effectiveness;
  • A rundown of your performance data to inspire data-driven content marketing efforts.

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The Bottom Line

As you know there are a bunch of useful resources to improve your SEO knowledge and skills. I’ve gathered best SEO free and paid ebooks that help you discover the full spectrum of SEO and best marketing practices of the year.

Do you know any awesome SEO ebooks that I’ve missed? Have you read any of above-mentioned ebooks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.