If you feel like you work too hard and find it more challenging than ever to organize all the demands of your work as well as your life, then you are not alone. According to Dr. Robert Brooks, several individuals are having a hard time to find balance in their lives, as there have been layoffs where they work. Dr. Brooks, who is a psychologist, also said that these people are afraid it may occur to them, so they are putting more hours in their work.

If you are also seeking for ways on how to make a balance between your work and your personal life, then you can find these top ten work life balance books that can help you determine useful ways on how to balance almost everything in your life and your work. These books will surely help you to organize and balance your time on your work.

Top 10 Work Life Balance Books that every Professional should Read

1. The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

This book is superb to help every professional to balance their time and energy, as well as to manage their lives. The authors also do well to clarify various kinds of energy and discuss different factors of people’s lives, including their spiritual life, which is frequently missed in this kind of book.

“The Power of Full Engagement” is an outstanding book that challenges some of those long held thinking about what is needed to be successful.

2. Off Balance: Getting Beyond the Work-Life Balance Myth to Personal and Professional Satisfaction by Matthew Kelly

This is the best book to motivate professionals to look at things that really matters in life. It is well detailed and realistic, but most significantly, what the book suggests will assist any professional to become a better individual, because they bring every concern to what is most important in life.

In addition, “Off Balance” is a influential indictment of a myth, which happiness comes from trying to balance the personal with the professional.

3. The One Minute Manager Balances Work and Life by Ken Blanchard, Marjorie Blanchard and D.W. Edington

This book was initially published in 1986 as “The One Minute Manager Gets Fit” and is well worth every time you read it. It is written in the classic style of “one minute manager” and illustrates you how you can balance your life by simply changing your lifestyle.

This book is also much recommended for everyone who wants to get their life organize, but thinks they have no time to begin.

4. Finding Right Work: Five Steps to a Life You Love by Leni Miller

If there are factors of your life that have been on autopilot, this book is the best for you. Surely, your life is about to change when you read the anecdotes written here. The author weaves real life examples and stories to understand the five steps to live a life you can enjoy.

This book is both fun and spiritually fulfilling as it illustrates a number of different learning approaches about the task of finding a work.

5. How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner and Still Have a Life by Bill Collier

This is a must-read for any owner who has a small business. Written from the viewpoint of somebody who has actually accomplished it, this book is an easy approach on how to have a better business along with a better life.

Most importantly, the evaluation at the end of this book is an important tool to help you understand where you stand as an owner.

6. Enough: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life by John C. Bogle and William Jefferson Clinton

The book starts with an outline of what the author considers to be the main issues of the business and financial sectors today, mainly the focus on theory and risk, and lack of focus on importance and professional behavior.

If you look for a better understanding and approach of one of the most successful and noble financial people today, “Enough” is worth to read.

7. Life Matters: Creating a dynamic balance of work, family, time, & money by A. Roger Merrill and Rebecca Merrill

This book does not only define life balance, but it also expresses the perception that lack of it is essentially a misalignment of the principles that are essential to all people. It also challenges all readers to take a reflective evaluation of what matters most and how to build a prolific existence that is holistically reliable with each aspect of life.

The authors also write this self-evaluation book to allow readers build their own navigational intellect towards best living.

8. Make the Right Choice: Creating a Positive, Innovative and Productive Work Life by Joel Zeff

This book is perfectly right for entrepreneurs, managers, employees and everyone who wishes to make the right choices in life and work. This book not only tells you of what is most significant in life and in business, but it also does with masterful comedic methods.

The author also provides a fresh approach for a mind-set adjustment in workplace that can be integrated by all employees and entrepreneurs.

9. Life at Performance Level by Curtis Zimmerman

This book will motivate you to live a life you want to live. The author’s passion to see people set free and live is obvious throughout this book. He also presents very realistic tools to help you get there. It gives all readers a new motivating way to look at life.

It is not a systematic plan that will transform your life instantly, but it is a guide to change your lifestyle more fulfilling.

10. Coach Anyone About Anything: How to Help People Succeed in Business and Life by Germaine Porche’ and Jed Niederer

This book is an exceptional resource and reference to use if you need to bring out your best in others. With much useful information, you will find it easy to read and use. If you are seeking for a complete guide to significantly help you perk up your approach to coaching, this will absolutely help.

The book covers everything you need to understand to be a highly successful coach and to put up a beneficial coaching business.

There it is! These top ten work life balance books will surely assist you professionally on how to balance your work and life at the same time without sacrificing anything. They are great and useful books not only for entrepreneurs, workers or managers, but to anyone who want to be successful in future.


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