Let’s get to it. It’s Week 3 of the School for Sharing Superheroes – the book that’s set to change the way you do business, better, forever. We start by unlocking your incredible savvy. Lose all inhibitions and gain everything. Let’s GO!

Expertise is where the magic begins for our Sharing Superheroes. It’s the bedrock on which great successes are built, from the general on the battlefield to the owner of the shop.

Expertise is an intoxicating perfume that we all wear, yet few of us recognise how sweet it smells to everyone around us. Expertise births incredible reputations for business operators with sustainable success in mind. Expertise produces remarkable results and crafts staggeringly-impressive relationships between supplier and customer.

Expertise is, in a nutshell, the very lifeblood of your growth – as a person, and as an entrepreneur. And when it’s paired with passion, expertise is dynamite.

Remember when you were at school and the teacher with the Tefal forehead dropped a strip of potassium into water and the collected audience of pupils gasped and screamed like they were on the scariest rollercoaster ride in the world?

Blow it up!

Let’s focus on the potassium, and let’s call it passion. It looks so innocent and meek when it’s contained, yet when you add it to your expertise, or rather a jug of H20 – WAM!

So why do we hide our expert status so readily? It depends on the person. There are

  • Those who have it, and know it, but don’t think it’s important to anyone else
  • Those who have it but guard it like a prisoner in a dungeon
  • Those who have it but don’t know what to do with it
  • Those who have it but don’t know it

Each is equally dangerous.

Expertise is important. Without experts, we fail. We need leadership, we need visionaries, and we need advice. Some people – they’re generally called women, because men like me are in the main far too conceited and riddled with bravado to have to leave their ego at the door for a minute to ask counsel of another – are clever enough to seek experts to get on the fast-track to answers rather than trudge through treacle themselves.

Remember we said ‘no secrets’? No self-respecting Sharing Superhero wants to come face-to-face with a big slice of Kryptonite, and we’ll be exploring later in this book why holding back on your knowledge is about the most daft thing you can do.

Get scribing

The #1 thing you need to do next, is start writing like a madman. I expect to see that pen pumping out some serious steam from its stem as you scribble down all the things you’ve experienced in your realm as an expert. The events you’ve been to, the people you’ve helped, the talks you’ve given, the books you’ve written, the articles that have compelled dozens or hundreds of people to share their stories aligned to yours…

Soon a pattern emerges. If you’re truly passionate about it, the light bulb moment will dawn and you’ll find your life’s purpose (or at least your graduation certificate from the School of Sharing Superheroes) waiting to be aired and amplified.

We’ve got issues. You’ll know you’re an expert because you’re either working in that space where you hold expertise already, or you have a burning desire to know even more about something. The triggers are there – the nuances, like people asking for your insight, right through to the overt and blatant being downright obsessed by something to the point where you can’t sleep without thinking about it.

So watch, listen to and read the signals and start making a song and dance about your talent. 7 billion people out there, and even if you’re into some random, esoteric hobby a tiny fraction of that audience loving your work can amount to a generous dollop of business.

Each type of expert – and chances are you’re one of them – will continue to learn, and change, and develop, and that’s part of the reason why it’s crucial that you take the next step and start sharing your savvy right away. We’ll be learning why it’s so important to extol your expertise later in the book.

To me, the most frightening type of expert is she who denies her aptitude. The simple fact of expertise is this: If you spend one hour doing something, you’re an expert over anyone else who didn’t. So you quickly come to realise that you’re an expert in a great many things.

You’re the expert. So use it.

Having knowledge or skill, as the dictionary definition intones, is what it takes to make an expert. So now it’s time to decide which of those areas of expertise is having a big snog with your passion.

The smart Sharing Superhero has already dropped the potassium in the water. They know that being expert in something they’re truly passionate about, they simply cannot fail. The world appreciates expertise and passion equally, and understands those who make the most of both, concurrently, are rare and to be cherished.

Being passionate and expert aren’t uncommon – it’s the sharing what you know, in the way only you know, that is uncommon.

Get to work

So now you’ve locked in on what makes your heart leap, and you’ve committed to doing something about it, we’ll take a look at how you start making headway towards establishing yourself as the thought leader and automatic go-to guy or gal who inspires and influences customer communities of today and tomorrow.

We’ll then create a Sharing Superheroes success strategy with tools to get your message across and bring your business to life.

Finally, we’ll look to the future and how to grow your reputation which in turn puts your business on a fully-fuelled jetpack taking you on a journey to as much success as you can handle.

So let’s get to it!

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