Keynotes generally come from only a few sources. The serendipity approach is having some book fan and influencer of a meeting planner read your book and advocate you as a keynote speaker. This means including in your book bio the fact that you are a speech maker, not just a book writer.

Being Discovered by Meeting Planners

Skitterphoto / Pixabay

The second source for keynotes is the meeting planner on the hunt for a speaker. Drive traffic to your super cool website that provides sneak previews of you in action. Visit the websites of speaker’s bureaus. Watch videos of their popular keynote speakers. Hire a theatre, invite friends as your audience, contact a film crew from the college. Great visuals (big stage), superb sound, featuring you at your best are key ingredients.

Courting Top Speakers Bureaus

The third source is speaker’s bureaus hired by meeting planners to find a speaker. Network with speakers already connected with bureaus and solicit an introduction. Put together a great looking package with a one-sheet (Google it), a terrific photo, descriptions of your speeches, and links to your promo videos on your YouTube account.

So, You Got the Gig

How do you promote your new book from the keynote platform? You don’t! Let your introducer do that by writing it out exactly: “Dale’s book is getting amazing reviews. During our break, Dale will be in the back, signing copies for sale.” At the end of your keynote when the introducer returns to the stage, script him or her to say, “If you liked Dale’s keynote, you’ll love the book.” Make it easy to buy for cash—round number, no change needed. Put your business card in each book; your book cover photo on your business card!

Hand-selling books is a hard way to make it to the top of the best-seller. But, keynotes give a significant opportunity not found with bookstore appearances. You get paid to sell your book!