Photo of figures standing on bullseyeAs an author, do you wonder what happens when you tweet your book page link and people in other countries click on the link?

In my experience they get the U.S. page without prices and a message that they cannot buy from this Amazon site.

I asked Collette at if she knows what happens when an ebook is free via KDP Select. If I tweet, for example, an link, can people in other countries download from that link as the book is free?

Her reply:

“No, they can’t download either. What happens is, if you click the .com in a tweet then it just says “continue shopping at Amazon UK” so then you need to copy the name of the book and go looking for it on Amazon UK — which is such a pain and must put folks off.”

Collette uses a free service that takes your book link and produces a global link and also does the same for your Amazon Author Central profile (on Amazon country sites that have this feature).

Warning: In a Facebook group to which I belong I learned that there is an Amazon affiliate link in the links provided, which makes sense as the service is free. Therefore, you do NOT want to use this global link when you are submitting your free books, for example, to a site listing free Kindle books and the site asks for a non-affiliate link.

On the other hand, when you are tweeting about your books’ free days or your books in general or posting an update on Facebook, this would be a good place to use a global book link and a global Amazon Author Central link as social media is global.

You can get an individual book’s link at (for an example click on the global link for my spy thriller CIA FALL GUY —

To get a global Amazon Author Central link go to (for an example click on my global Amazon Author Central link —

Whether you decide to use these global URLs, it is a good idea to consider how easy you are making it for readers all over the world to say “yes” to buying your books.