“It’s not about money or connections — it’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone… And if it fails, you learn from what happened and do a better job next time.” Mark Cuban

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Do you buy this statement? After all we have heard, you need money and connections to be able to create a successful business today. You can work hard all you want and still not achieve those breakthrough moments. (the rest of the story from this quote are here “Instant MBA: It is not about money or connections” )

I agree there are a lot of risks in the entrepreneurial journey. We keep hearing this message that frankly, I have had colleagues tell me has not helped them at all – ready…

Fail Forward Fail Fast to be that Success

Behind the scene conversations go like this: “What the hell does that mean just fail everyday and then I will become a success? How does that work?”

It reminds me of other conversations I hear, where people are leaving out an important piece of data that helps to teach you the lesson. When you take action, you will have some sort of failure in the process. From that evaluation, take what did not work and ask better questions. Those better questions will stimulate new actions that are better informed. Those new actions will give you better results. Voila you now are dancing the Entrepreneurs dance – evolving in each action with persistence and consistency.

That is the Success Formula

Where I see a lot of failure is in people who try to follow formulas or traditional book learning from their MBA program and school, then wonder why they are not reaching their success goals.

Here is a very good interview with Josh Kaufman who agrees with Mark Cuban, what you learn in school is not what drives a businesses success or profitability. There are much better ways to give yourself that MBA that will deliver value for you without spending that ridiculous $150,000.00.

The Personal MBA – Master the Art of Business

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Josh Kaufman shares with you why The Personal MBA is about fundamental business principles-what you need to understand about business in order to succeed. “I firm;y believe that anyone can learn whatever they need to know about business independently, without mortgaging their future earnings by enrolling in a traditional MBA program.

  • What are some of the flaws of a MBA that you do not know
  • Why optimizing and looking for ROI is Bad for business
  • Why credentials are not the important thing you need to focus for Business Success

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