one-to-one personalization book

Over the years I have spoken to thousands of marketers and digital professionals about their personalization efforts and their ideas for one-to-one personalization. Throughout those conversations, one important thing has stood out: marketers have a dream. They want to communicate with their customers and prospects as individuals at the one-to-one level across digital channels. They have had this dream for at least 25 years, when the term “one-to-one marketing” was formally articulated in the book The One to One Future, by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. While Peppers and Rogers provided a fascinating view of the potential for one-to-one marketing, it simply was not yet possible in the 90s with the existing technology.

To complicate the situation, since then, vendors have put out solutions promising to help marketers provide one-to-one personalization. But their definitions of “one-to-one” have not aligned with marketers’ definitions. Marketers want to talk to each person as a unique individual in the moment, in any channel. These solutions could not deliver on this dream. So when I meet with marketers who have used personalization solutions in the past, they believe their dreams of truly personalized, real-time, one-to-one experiences are beyond their reach. With recent advances in machine learning, big data and real-time processing, however, one-to-one personalization is finally achievable. The dream of one-to-one personalization is a now a reality.

Today I’m excited to announce that my colleague, Katie Sweet, and I have written the book One-to-One Personalization in the Age of Machine Learning. In this book, we describe what one-to-one personalization is all about, how it’s evolved and what the future entails. We describe what one-to-one personalization looks like, the channels you can personalize, the data you need to accomplish it, how you can develop your own personalization strategy, and much more. We include examples and case studies of one-to-one personalization campaigns to inspire your own strategies.

Because we want to ensure there are no obstacles to obtaining this valuable resource, we’ve decided to make the book available for free! Visit the book microsite today to learn more about it and to download a digital version of the book (in PDF, MOBI, and ePUB formats). We don’t even require that you to provide your contact information to download it. We hope our new book serves as inspiration and motivation for you to begin delivering one-to-one experiences to your audiences or to advance your existing personalization efforts.