Gisela is an amazing story-teller, who has led an amazing life. She has worked in the film industry, publishing, and several other careers. Her stories are laid bare, hence “naked” giving us an honest look into what it takes to bounce back. Even at one of the lowest points in her life, she has the courage to share with the reader that there are just some things that you can’t just “shake off and move on.” She offers life lessons supported by personal testimonials about the process of being and becoming.
Each story is neatly encapsulated so that you have time to see the lesson unfold, and come back once you have had time to absorb it. Her lessons, through the vignettes that she shares, are interlaced with helpful sticky notes like, “Yes, you can start over.” Many of these are notes are positive statements that we could each benefit by adding to our own repertoire of affirmations.
They are each an important link to her life story, but some that are particularly striking, and hit home for most of us are:

  • One, which she garnered from Arnold Schwarzenegger, a fellow countryman, “Trust yourself, by asking yourself who you want to be.”
  • Form alliances (sometimes more important than friendships)
  • Know where you are going.
  • Ask for your dream
  • Smile
  • The story matters
  • Only you can make your skills count

Gisela herself says that this is not a self help book. It is a book in which she shares her losses, triumphs and overcoming to help others see clearly that their stories matter. They matter to them (you) and they help inspire others to work through the challenges that life throws our way. Our stories, our histories, our dramas are all important, and they all hold life lessons for us.
The golden nugget, at the center of this missive is that we each already possess what we need to get through and to overcome.
Feeling stuck in life, overwhelmed by your situation, drowning in your circumstance?

Then this is a book you should add to your library… and read, and write your own story.